DragonMaster to launch on TCG Verse

DragonMaster has announced that it is partnering with Oasys and TCG Verse to launch the gaming experience on TCG Verse. It will go live by the end of 2023. DragonMaster said in the announcement that the strategic collaboration brings them many opportunities while enabling them to build a robust multi-chain gaming ecosystem.

Players will benefit from this collaboration. They will have access to a high-speed gaming experience for zero gas fees. The gaming experience in the case of DragonMaster relates to the combination that the developers have constructed for the community. This includes MOBA, RTS, collection, and play-to-earn. The game is practically open to everyone at no cost. They will have to perform and complete tasks to earn rewards.

Having said that, other titles in the same segment compete deeply for the top spot. Play to earn metaverse games other than DragonMaster are SecondLive, Meme Lordz, Upland, Tap Fantasy, Arkadia, and Somnium Space, to mention a few.

What makes DragonMaster stand out in the competition is its newly launched website. The 2.0 version brings DM Wallet, support for multi-chain NFTs, and a new payment experience.

DM Wallet is simply DragonMaster Web3 Wallet. It helps users manage crypto assets and smart contracts in the virtual world. It eliminates the need to remember seed phrases and private keys. The wallet also forms part of a new payment experience.

Support for multi-chain NFTs falls under the umbrella of Market V3.0. It includes supporting Polygon and Meter Networks. It provides more convenience to users when it comes to buying, selling, and trading NFTs.

The development comes days after DragonMaster announced the Joy of Synthesis Lottery. It gives users a way to accumulate wealth in USDT. The accumulation is on top of acquiring in-game items. It is available for free, making sure that players spend their free time collecting rewards instead of wasting it anywhere else. The reward system introduces a stablecoin to further expand its utility in the form of a Gift Card.

DragonMaster announcing a partnership with Oasys and TCG Verse is a milestone that DragonMaster was looking forward to. It empowers the team to deliver the desirable gaming experience across the industry—zero gas fees. It just remains to be seen if zero gas fees are a permanent offering or if they are available only to a select few players.

There is a chance that it could be a promotional offer. Going by the announcement, it is only safe to assume that the offering of zero gas fees is a well-structured idea for taking the game forward for mass adoption. Many more opportunities will open up as more and more players get on board.

Considering the commitment to offer a high-speed gaming experience, too, DragonMaster is surely eyeing dominance in the market.

Trevor Holman

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