DRIFT Labs adopts Chainlink CCIP’s arbitrary messaging feature

DRIFT Labs has integrated Chainlink CCIP to facilitate the cross-chain transferring of DRIFT tokens across the BNB Chain, Ethereum, and Polygon networks by leveraging its arbitrary messaging capabilities. This simplifies the process for users to transfer their DRIFT tokens.

Their focus on CCIP was Chainlink’s well-established position in the Web3 space, which is characterized by a high level of dependability and safety. Furthermore, CCIP is fully supported by the risk control network, which continuously monitors and authenticates cross-chain functions for any form of malpractice. This has an important impact due to the substantial quantity of user funds that are being lost as a result of the ineffective cross-chain framework.

DRIFT Labs’ objective is to provide a cross-chain token to all members of its community who are interested in Web3 and gaming. This integration will allow its user base to select its own networks, thereby enhancing the purposefulness of DRIFT Lab’s ecosystem of items and increasing its exposure.

It was imperative for DRIFT to leverage its cross-chain token shifting. This necessitated connectivity with secure and reliable interoperability services. Therefore, their attention was drawn towards Chainlink CCIP due to its multiple services, which include established safety and dependability features, the possibility of uninterrupted incorporations, an upgradable framework, and the fact that it is long-lasting. 

As per Paul de Havilland, the Chief Strategy Officer of DRIFT Labs, their primary objective has consistently been to provide their gamers with the most exceptional gaming experiences. In his view, this implies that the on-chain interaction is seamless and that users are presented with a variety of options. Interoperability is the primary concern for him.

Chainlink serves as the standard for decentralized computing platforms, which contributes to the expansion of the web. The provision of connectivity with real-world data, off-chain computation, and secure cross-chain interoperability has facilitated a significant number of transactions for financial institutions, entrepreneurs, and developers.


Conversely, DRIFT Labs is a prominent games studio within Web3. It asserts that it has an extensive portfolio of Gamefi projects in development, in addition to the DRIFT token.

Harsh Chauhan

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