DROPIL Aims to Enable Cryptocurrency Investments Accessible to The Masses

Dropil (DROP) is an Ethereum based crypto-trading platform that includes a suite of market analysis tools. Machine learning algorithms and artificial intelligence underpin the automated tools and bots on Dropil network which consists of DEX (decentralized exchange), Max (smart wallet), and Arthur (arbitrage). DROP is the natal ERC-20 token used on the Dropil network.

The company which operates the Dropil Network is also named Dropil, was founded by Zachary Matar and Jeremy Alpine when they realized that trading Cryptocurrency is much harder than it sounds. The company is based in Belize. Founders imagined Dropil to be a platform providing a fast, easy-to-use trading system in which not much effort or knowledge about cryptocurrency was necessitated on the part of the user. In other words, Dropil’s main aim is to make cryptocurrency investment accessible to everyone.

Dropil enables such functionalities via automated tools and bots powered by AI and Machine Learning. It offers a large support team that is very helpful and has 24/7 service with fast response time. It enables Autonomous trading which is conducted by automated Arthur arbitrage bot on behalf of its users. The Dex Trader Bot, a series of bots designed to follow logic stacks connected to risk pools, automates the trading habits.

Dropil works across multiple major exchanges and is frequently updated to assure that its trades remain primarily profitable. The platform also allows users to identify the best arbitrage opportunities by finding the most significant price differences between a wide assortment of coins on some of the most popular cryptocurrency exchanges.

DROP is supported by any ERC20-compatible cryptocurrency wallet, including MyEtherWallet and the Nano Ledger S hardware wallet. It also features a custom-built wallet called Max which is a multi-currency wallet which the platform claims as “the toughest cryptocurrency wallet.” Max Wallet Bot guarantees end-to-end encryption and support for a variety of wallet APIs. Max is capable of keeping a user’s crypto assets secure no matter their security preferences.

Dropil held public ICO token sale between February and March 2018 and opened for trading on April 1, 2018, with a 100 million USD market cap. DROP price as on Feb 2019 is USD 0.000672 with a market cap of USD 13,653,317.

By virtue of Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence, the platform is well positioned to become a one-stop shop for crypto traders of all skill levels.

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