Dropper’s strategy to rope in AAA game developers to Hedera

Dropper has devised a three-pronged strategy for attracting AAA developers and linked players to the Hedera network. These consist of a Web3 gaming infrastructure that simplifies the technological requirements of the backend and a fund that enables new non-dilutionary funding avenues. Furthermore, a partnership has been established with The HBAR Foundation and NeoTokyo, the preeminent organization of gaming founders and investors.

Dropper has made the development of Web3 gaming a top priority since the announcement of a $250 million consumer engagement fund in 2022. The HBAR Foundation’s support for Dropper’s plan to provide AAA level, a significant number of supporters, and new liquidity to the Hedera ecosystem will help position the Hedera network as the ultimate destination point for builders and players.

Dropper’s most recent strategy for Web3 gaming, which was developed with the support of the Brar Foundation, incorporates elements influenced by a module from NeoTokyo. This will enable participants to establish connections through the sale of tokens at prices comparable to venture capital funds. 

Eric Faust, the chief executive officer of Dropper, asserts that in order to obtain AAA-level titles, one must cease developing games that rely on Web3 features as the primary selling point and instead concentrate on developing games that utilize technology to increase exposure. This represents the trajectory towards technological transformation.

The play-to-earn model, which exemplified the Web3 gaming space, is the source of the growth dilemma facing the industry. Players are hesitant to participate until AAA provides improved exposure that enables on-chain benefits such as the ability to buy, sell, and trade in-game assets. AAA experts express concerns regarding the transition of development to Web3.

Dropper, in collaboration with NeoTokyo, led by Alex Becker and Elliot Wainman, and through the development of a streamlined technology stack, has secured the incentives and infrastructure necessary to unite the community and AAA game developers desiring a brighter future.

According to Faust, the novel framework will abandon the current play-to-earn model in recognition of the player’s need for financial incentives. They aim to develop additional games that provide comprehensive AAA exposure, utilizing an altered Web3 user interface that streamlines the process of acquiring and trading premium gaming products.

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