DSA advances cryptographic processing and ZK-proof computation

DSA, an acronym for the Decentralized Storage Alliance, has announced the release of cryptographic processing improvements. This officially marks a leap forward in the ZK Proof Computation to enhance the performance by almost 80%. At the core are computational algorithms and processing flows, both of which are slated for improvement within the Filecoin Network.

Project components relying on zk-SNARK, a variant of ZK proof, will experience the enhancements to a far greater extent. Advancement is designed to optimize more than 100,000 GPUs that are in use, representing approximately $100 million of deployed capital.

Three computations have been selected to achieve the goal of 80% higher efficiency. These include MSM, NTT, and Poseidon hashing.

MSM, or Multi-Scalar Multiplication, is the key computational primitive in zk proofs. Their utility extends to two aspects: committing to polynomials in SNARK systems and calculating the sum of multiple scalar multiplications. NTT, or Number Theoretic Transformations, are known to facilitate efficient polynomial multiplication. They leverage the potential of Fast Fourier Transform-style algorithms.

Poseidon Hashing, a SNARK-friendly cryptographic hash function, is known to require 8 times fewer constraints per message bit than previous hashes like Pedersen hash.

Moving forward, DSA has plans in the pipeline to improve efficiency further and simplify operations in the Filecoin ecosystem. It also plans to enable a higher number of specializations. DSA may employ different algorithmic enhancements and circuit-specific implementations.

Kelly Olson, a member of the team and one of the leaders, appreciated the software for being efficient and delivering results at a lower cost. Kelly also acknowledged that the work done on the project was pretty intensive, yielding a reduced concern when it comes to storage providers.

Daniel Leon, the founding advisor of the DSA, appreciated the advancements, citing that they would reduce the cost not for select aspects but for the entire network. Daniel added that the benefit will extend to end users of decentralized storage technologies.

The development comes months after DSA unveiled a reimagined website that captivated AI-generated visuals to carry forward its mission of empowering enterprises to utilize decentralized data storage along with processing capabilities. This dates back to the middle of 2023 and was done in association with Supranational.

Their collaboration has reportedly reduced the cost of the data onboarding process by 90%. Another notable development in which DSA emphasized bringing down the decentralized storage cost was the announcement of the Golden Gate upgrade.

Simply put, DSA has previously worked to cut costs and continues to do so without compromising on other feats that it can achieve. For instance, a lead forward in zk proof computation. Select zk-proof advancements have been integrated into Filecoin to improve the performance by ~80%. There are plans to improve the performance further and increase efficiency.

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