DeeStream (DST) sets streaming standards high: Near Protocol (NEAR) & Cosmos (ATOM) investors rally for early access

Seasoned investors in the crypto market know that the market is entirely predictable. While the market may look profitable, they are always aware that they may lose their investments just as fast. As a result, the previous week’s dip in crypto prices won’t shock these veterans who were already looking for new investment opportunities.

DeeStream (DST) has been catching the eye of multiple investors. The platform and its token, also called DeeStream, have benefitted immensely from investors’ move to diversify their holdings. Near Protocol (NEAR) and Cosmos (ATOM) holders are some of those looking to take advantage of its presale to secure investments in an all-new, exciting DST project.

Conference appearance leads to a surge in Near Protocol (NEAR) prices.

The recent surge in Near Protocol (NEAR) prices has seen the token rise to $8.08, its highest since 2022. Near Protocol has risen by about 4% this week and over 114% in the last 30 days.

Near Protocol’s upward movement on the charts is attributed mainly to Near Protocol’s (NEAR) CEO and co-founder Illia Polosukhin’s appearance at the Nvidia AI Conference. The Near Protocol CEO will speak on a panel titled “Transforming AI.”

However, the price surge is not simply a result of speculation, considering Near Protocol’s history and integration of AI. Experts believe the prices will continue to rise, even after the conference, with the predicted NEAR value somewhere around $10 at the end of March 2024.

Cosmos (ATOM) price drops again, investors to consider DeeStream presale

Cosmos has continued its upward and downward trend. Recent activity has seen its value drop by 14.06% over the last seven days. Despite Cosmos’s (ATOM) ranking of #27 on the coin market cap, with a value of $4.5 billion, ATOM investors are looking at new tokens. The ATOM tokens are priced at $11.75, a fall from last week’s $13.75.

In other news, Cosmos (ATOM) investors are set to buy into the DeeStream (DST) presale, guaranteeing them more stability and increased financial control. These investors know that, although Cosmos could see some positive price action soon, it would be better to look to other opportunities like DeeStream with higher growth potential.

DeeStream (DST) predicted to shake up the streaming space

DeeStream’s unique, innovative, and highly profitable streaming platform appeals to users and investors. Being built on the blockchain, DeeStream (DST) offers users better security, transparency, and more decentralized governance.

DeeStream hopes to solve the problems that arise with using traditional streaming platforms like Kick and Twitch. As an incentive to contribute to the platform’s growth and development, DST offers users the chance to earn tokens for completing specific tasks and reaching different milestones.

Despite being only in its second presale stage, DeeStream has received much interest from investors. The platform already has over 2,800 investors, with Near Protocol (NEAR) and Cosmos (ATOM) holders looking to join the already long list of DeeStream (DST) backers. These investors understand that significant gains are often made by getting into a solid project at the early stages.

Find out more about DeeStream’s presale by visiting the website here.

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