dTelecom links up with the peaqosystem

dTelecom, a DePIN for live real world chats, video chats and live streaming, has linked up with the peaqosystem. dTelecom provides peaq with a use case valued in trillions for creating a people oriented real world communication network.

This converts into peaq, gaining more devices and network traction. This will eventually lead to increased value for the stakeholders of peaqosystem.

The peaq community calls on Discord and can discuss just any topic. ‍The idea is to transfer audio and video data about entertainment and information, along with many more options. This is from the sender to the receiver’s end.

As of date, streamed video has enormous potential and, by 2032, will, in all probability, become a $2.5 trillion business. There is no centralization required. This is exactly where dTelecom enters the screen. It is an inventive DePIN for audio and video conferencing and live streaming.

The DePIN of dTelecom utilizes community-run nodes that allow decentralized live audio and video flow allocation, functioning as a live streaming and real-world communication layer for dApps and applications. The network boosts a decentralizedd open source zoom type video conferencing web application with reward points for participating. Some more use cases involve a Web3 streaming platform and a voice chat related to a play-to-earn game.

dTelecom is connecting with the peaqosystem and making peaq its layer 1 support for its journey from the Arbitrum testnet. It will utilize peaq SDK and peaq IDs for its framework and position its business sense on peaq. A reward allocation system will also be set up on the network. Additionally, it will operate its Token Generation Event on peaq, introduced conventionally within the peaqosystem.

According to the Co-Founder of dTelecom, Petr Malyukov, the DePIN will transform the audio, video and live streaming space. They are ultimately out to disrupt the ever increasing centralized arena.

In the words of the co-founder of Peaq Till Wendler, an appropriate use case is the DePIN, which has enormous abilities. Together with dTelecom, they intend to revolutionize the live streaming space.

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