Dubai to host Global Blockchain Show and fuel up the future of the industry

Taking place on April 16-17, 2024, Global Blockchain Show Dubai, curated by VAP Group – a premier Blockchain and AI consulting company, is set to unite the foremost voices in the Middle East’s Crypto, Web3, and Blockchain sphere. Held at the Grand Hyatt in Dubai, the event is poised to be the largest congregation of distinguished global leaders, experts, and enthusiasts in the crypto, Web3, and Blockchain domains.

Since its establishment in 2013, VAP Group has been a leading force in the Blockchain and AI consulting domain. As the organizer of the Global Blockchain Show, VAP Group has curated a unique platform for Blockchain businesses. With the brightest minds in the industry, the firm caters to all kinds of Blockchain businesses, providing strategic solutions and creative business strategies for nearly a decade. This event will be a transformative experience where innovation, expertise, and growth converge in the dynamic realm of Blockchain technology.

“VAP Group is committed to driving innovation in the Blockchain and Web3 space. Hosting the Global Blockchain Show in Dubai reflects our dedication to industry growth, inviting diverse perspectives to stand tall together.” – Vishal Parmar, the CEO of VAP Group. 

Where else than the heart of Dubai?

Dubai is a global hub for Blockchain and Web3 innovations, boasting top-notch venues, a futuristic atmosphere, a secure environment, government initiatives and support, and access to experts. Considering the potential of the Middle East with the event’s spotlight on Blockchain, crypto, and Web3—the driving force behind future innovation in the region, the Global Blockchain Show will pave the way for businesses to thrive, spearheading the Blockchain movement and establishing as the go-to platform for leaders, entrepreneurs, experts, and government decision-makers to connect, collaborate, and shape the future.

The show aims to bring major Blockchain, Crypto, and Web3 personalities under a single roof and is expected to host over 7000 attendees, 3000 companies, 300 curated speakers, and more than 120 sponsors.

Global Blockchain Show will see several participants from industries like DeFi, gaming, Web3, and metaverse, to mention a few. Personalities holding key positions – Founders, CEOs, Investors, Developers, Coders – will host the floor. The audience type is estimated to be split as 5% government, 8% investors, 41% corporate, and 46% startups.

The Global Blockchain Show will exclusively showcase speakers who are predominantly founders and C-level executives. The event will feature insightful keynotes, practical technological use cases, engaging panel discussions, product showcases, and more. Renowned crypto, Web3, and Blockchain experts will highlight the latest advancements, offering attendees opportunities to address their queries.

Blockchain, the future’s powerhouse, is a revolutionary force with unmatched crossover appeal. Its ability to craft immersive digital experiences captivates global audiences. Young entrepreneurs are the trendsetters shaping this billion-dollar industry, but the journey has just begun. As a democratizing force, Blockchain is set to become a trillion-dollar industry. The Global Blockchain Show offers a vibrant canvas for visionaries to paint their dreams and join the transformative journey into the future of this dynamic industry.

Explore the future of Blockchain at the Global Blockchain Show in Dubai, officially supported and curated by CryptoNewsZ. Join us for an insightful journey into the heart of Dubai.

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About Global Blockchain Show

Global Blockchain Show is the premiere Web3 platform where thought leaders from the Web3 ecosystem and projects gather under one roof to share their insights and discuss future opportunities in the Web3 space. This show brings together the global Web3 humans and creates exceptional opportunities like networking, learning, leadership sessions, project showcases, and much more. The Global Blockchain Show will help you explore what’s new and upcoming about the space.


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