DUCATO Hybrid DeFi Blockchain Protocol for Finance Launched

Next generation hybrid DeFi blockchain network, focused on finance, DUCATO was introduced on Monday. The decentralized network will help users mitigate financial risks, establish a credible decentralized network and governance. It will function as a bridge between centralized finance and decentralized finance, offering enhanced reliability, speed, and liquidity for smart contracts. 

Decentralized finance is one of the fastest growing segments within the crypto-blockchain industry. Giants of the decentralized game, like Binance, TRON, Ethereum, and IOST, have all jumped in DeFi, providing a wide range of products and services that help users diversify from traditional finance options. All in all, DeFi is a hot pan cake, and therefore, the time is apt for DUCATO to share the pie. 

DUCATO boasts an experienced team with hands-on experience in lending and deposit services of digital assets. Using this extensive experience, the protocol aims to build a stable decentralized network, backed by the Korean Won pegged stablecoin KRWD, which will allow the participants and community members to increase profits. Moreover, anyone can create KRWD on DUCATO by collateralizing their assets via smart contracts.

Backed by Korea’s leading digital asset lending platform Delio, the hybrid network will have access to Delio’s mammoth user base of 4.5 million users, and managed assets worth over $40.5 million. DUCATO will also benefit from Delio’s decorated list of partners which includes Bithumd, Bithumb Custody, Bitfury, ProBit, FTX, and MYiD Alliance.

Jodie Miller

Jodie Miller is experienced journalist. She holds double degree in journalism and communication. She joined our team as a content curator. She enjoys writing and curating contents related to finance and forex world.

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