Duel Network Private Sale Goes Live On August 22

The Duel Network Private sale will begin from August 22, 2021, at 09:00 AM UTC on sale.duel.network. Reportedly, the token price of the private sale is $0.05 BUSD. The maximum allocation per member is around $5,000. The date and time for listing are scheduled for August 30. The private sale vesting includes a 10% initial unlock and 15% release per 45 days for the next 9 months. 

The Binance Smart Chain supports Duel Network, a gaming token. It is popular for possessing numerous impressive features. It is a gaming token that allows playing events like voting for state elections, finance, and other sports-related political positions. 

The major part that attracts all is that users never lose with Duel Network. Moreover, it enables farming by entering pools via voting and preference without spending capital.

Best user experience for companies

Duel Network will enable companies to choose the right product experience for themselves with the help of a preference survey pool. The pool was created with the intention to provide these companies the type of user experience they are looking for in the first place. In addition, Duel network users who are willing to participate in this Crypto Event will receive rewards.

For instance, if the company is in a fix between option A and option B, it will pool all the options for A and B and allow for one month. If there is considerably more participation in Pool A, then Pool A wins. The rewards of Pools A and B will go to pool A. 

Competitive Farming


Duel network allows the user to play for the first time without risking their capital. While playing, individuals will use only the bi-weekly pool in case they don’t win. Therefore, the LP of the user will remain intact with them. However, if they win, the reward will be given back to their pool.

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