Duel Soccer Announces the Second Tournament

Duel Soccer makes the grand announcement of dedicating and delivering its second tournament to the online gaming world. According to their combined expert team, this one will be a much worked upon and highly improved version of the previous one. 

Through the overall experience and learnings from the entire playout of the first tournament, all the necessary and much-required gaps have been successfully filled. All of the players who had eagerly participated in the first tournament will, this time, be more than pleasantly surprised, thoroughly pleased, and extremely satisfied with the changes that have been made.

Incidentally, these changes are not just cosmetic ones but are made and implemented after much deliberation and consideration. Many educated and experienced suggestions came from the player fraternity and were immediately looked into, accepted, and remedial action was taken. All of this put together will show this second tournament with an entirely new and reconstructed face to all of the prospective players. 

For a brief insight into the deliverance of the first tournament, which Duel Soccer set forward with a lot of excitement and enthusiasm in the world of crypto sports betting, it becomes important to know and understand that it did wear the hat of being the first tournament ever. Simultaneously, it was the first-ever real-time, NFT-oriented online game of soccer that the world had ever seen, played, or experienced.

At the time, the tournament was played with several participating players of all hues, out of which many players walked off with sufficient and pleasing amounts of awards. Duel Soccer gave out $13,000 to 25 participants in its first competition. This time, however, the involved stakes have been kept much higher, with general expectations of a much larger turnout, in terms of overall participant count. The tournament will be live for 10 days with bigger and better prizes.

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