Duelbits New Promo: Ace’s Daily Ace Jackpot

Introduction to Duelbits Casino 

Duelbits is a popular casino with excellent gambling features and an array of casino games, including new, exciting, and fun bonuses and jackpots that give away practically massive returns to the players. Duelbits is an ideal crypto gambling platform. The operators have brought the uniquely rewarding Ace’s Daily Ace Jackpot, where players can bet on Wimbledon daily to enter the deal. The jackpot prize gets bigger and bigger with each Ace. 

Duelbits Ace’s Daily Ace Jackpot Promo

Duelbits has yet again surprised its gamers with a newly launched jackpot promo: Ace’s Daily Ace Jackpot, in which every day of Wimbledon, the casino will be offering jackpot offers that will be equal to the number of aces on that particular day multiplied by a particular amount. The amount of $ per Ace and the featured daily matches are shown below.

The Wimbledon platform provides a Daily Jackpot every day, which is determined by multiplying the total number of aces hit that day by the sum stated below:-


Session #

Featured Matches (Singles)

Amount $ per ace

Mon 27 Jun

1 First Round 5

Tue 28 Jun

2 First Round


Wed 29 Jun

3 Second Round


Thu 30 June

4 Second Round


Fri 1 July

5 Third Round


Sat 2 July

6 Third Round


Sun 3 July

7 Fourth Round


Mon 4 July

8 Fourth Round


Tue 5 July

9 Ladies’ and Gentlemen’s Quarterfinals


Wed 6 July

10 Ladies’ and Gentlemen’s Quarterfinals


Thu 7 July

11 Ladies’ Semifinals


Fri 8 July

12 Gentlemen’s Semifinals


Sat 9 July

13 Ladies’ Final


Sun 10 Jul

14 Gentlemen’s Final


For instance, on the 1st day of Wimbledon, the jackpot available for the players will be $5X650= $3250 if the number of aces on Day 1 is 650. 

Aces will be summed up only from the Ladies’ and Gentlemen’s main draw singles matches; NB – juniors/seniors/wheelchair/doubles/mixed doubles will not be applicable. Last year’s Gentlemen’s singles had 1283 aces in the 1st round. 

Players can bet till 23:59 BST on 27th June 2020, Monday, to be eligible participants for the 1st jackpot. 

Benefits of Duelbits New Promo

Duelbits promo offers are one of the most lucrative and attractive perks players can enjoy. The Duelbits New Promo – Ace’s Daily Ace Jackpot will give away exciting cash prizes depending on the number of aces. Players can bet on Wimbledon daily to enter the promotion and win jackpots that get bigger with aces. The jackpot amount will be the number of aces taking place on a particular Wimbledon day multiplied by a particular amount of $. 

How To Enter In the Promo?

To enter the Duelbits Ace’s Daily Ace Jackpot, players can place single or multiple bets on Wimbledon events with cumulative betting odds of more than 1.5. The tickets placed every day of the Wimbledon tournament between 00:00-23:59 BST will be considered. 

Players will have a higher chance of winning the jackpot if they place more tickets. Each eligible ticket shall be entered into the draw placed at 01:00 BST for the previous day, and the winner will be announced on the Duelbits Twitter page. 

Terms & Conditions of the Promo

Duelbits Ace’s Daily Ace Jackpot promo comes with a set of Terms and Conditions that players must follow to win the prizes:-

  • Eligible Players – All registered players on Duelbits casino must have their email IDs verified and have attained VIP Status – Steam Level 10 or more, if applicable.
  • Eligible Event – The jackpot will apply to Wimbledon – Gentlemen’s and Ladies’ single matches. 
  • Eligible Bet – Players need to place either a single bet or multiple bets with cumulative betting odds of a minimum of 1.5. For Gentlemen’s and Ladies’ main draw singles matches, the stake amount must be a minimum of $1. 
  • Reward – Every bet of $1 will give the players entry to Ace’s Jackpot. Note that there is no limit on the number of entries the players can place. For each Ace in the 1st round, the player will be given $5 into the pot. Only 1 Lucky Winner will get the entire Cash Prize right once the event ends on a particular day. 

Other Terms and Conditions include:-

  • Note that cashed-out bets do not qualify. 
  • Duelbits casino reserves the right to exclude any player or group of players if they are found abusing the promotion terms. For instance, a case of duplicating the same ticket will disqualify the player. The promotion will be limited to only one entry per player. Duelbits permit only one player to take part from one house address, email ID, IP address, shared computer (from a workplace or public library), or same payment account. 
  • Standard Terms and Conditions of the Duelbits Casino apply.

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