Duelbits New Promo: “Mines” Win Through The Minefield!

Introduction to Duelbits

Duelbits is a novel site with a plethora of casino games and multiple gaming features including their exciting and fun launch of “Mines: Win Through The Minefield!”. This is a new promo offered by Duelbits casino that allows players to win big without revealing their personal information.

Duelbits has gained enormous popularity with frequent promos along with easy and simple access to casino games with cryptocurrencies as the main objective to offer the most exciting, fun, and generous rewards ever. Let us find out more about the New Duelbits Promo – “Mines”.

About New Promo: “Mines” Another Duelbits Original

Duelbits welcomes all its players to the “Mines,” yet another original game introduced for the benefit of the players. The higher the risks taken, the higher will be the rewards earned. All the players need to do is avoid the bombs as they proceed precariously and keep finding hidden gems on the minefield. Note that players can play safe by choosing a lower quantity of bombs. With this, the players get more chances of easy winning but note that the rewards will be relatively low. Conversely, players can place more bombs on the minefield to earn a higher reward as more bombs equal higher risks associated. 

Rewards For 10 Lucky Winners

Players who proceed through the minefield precariously with a higher number of bombs get to win up to $1,000,000. Aces will give 10 lucky winners $100 each. Like, Comment and Retweet your UID and get a chance to win $100. 

How to Play Like a Pro In “Mines” Promo?

Right from the beginning of the Mines game, the players are introduced to the Duelbits Minefield, which comes in 25 gray tiles with a 5*5 grid. All registered players can take part in this new promo, and before the game starts, players need to follow certain rules mentioned below – 

  • On the landing page, there is a dropdown list available on the right side under the title Mines. The list shows the number of mines to be hidden on the minefield ranging from 1 to 24. Choose the number of mines and move to the next step. 
  • Players who choose 1 get a higher probability of winning the game but with minimal rewards. Conversely, those who choose 24 will get only one tile with the hidden rewards, and the rest will be the mine bombs. 
  • After selecting the number of mines and the bet amount, players can finally start the game. 
  • Click on any gray tile to find out what lies underneath. If the players find a gem, they get two options – keep playing or cash out. 
  • Those who choose Cash Out will win the quantity displayed on the Cashout window. For those who wish to continue playing, the chances of winning the game gradually decline, whereas the potential of winning increases. 
  • That is all! As long as the players manage to avoid the bombs, they can win the winning amount displayed on the screen. But if any player reveals the bombs, the game ends! 

So, gamers who are ready to have the most enthralling gem hunt head over to Duelbits and get a chance to win up to $1,000,000 with Mines. 

Things to Take Care of While Playing In this Promo!

While playing Duelbits’ new promo – “Mines” – players must be careful and avoid the bombs on the minefield. To be extra careful, players can choose a lower number of bombs. This will help them win safely and more easily, but the rewards are much lower than otherwise. Players at Duelbits Mines can also choose to go for more bombs on the minefield if they aim to attain higher rewards. Note that higher rewards are associated with higher risks!

Benefits of “Mines” Promo

All Hail Duelbits Miners, the new Mines promo is the new generous thing that you will come across while gambling at Duelbits. Proceed effectively through the exciting Minefield and get to chance to win up to $1,000,000. 10 lucky winners will get $100 each. Note that the higher the risk involved, the higher the rewards will be!

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