Dvision and Enjin to Power Metaverse Interoperability

In an important strategic partnership, Dvision Network has announced its integration with the Enjin to realize its objective of becoming the preferred choice of consumers looking to onboard an NFT metaverse. The partnership with the industry-leading name Enjin will help Dvision become the first metaverse in the industry capable of running on five different blockchain networks. The names of networks include Polkadot, Ethereum, Efinity, Binance Smart Chain, and JumpNet.

Enjin is an ecosystem for helping developers realize an opportunity to develop NFTs. The platform is also known for its invention, ERC-1155, one of the most famous names in the domain. Since 2009, Enjin has remained at the forefront of developing a holistic NFT ecosystem today, being utilized by millions of investors across the globe. The most important and popular invention of the platform is ERC-1155, as the token is in use by hundreds of organizations in gaming, art and creativity, and the metaverse.

This collaboration will result in a specific integration of API and the platform of Enjin to mint NFTs. These NFTs can be utilized for several purposes, including creating the characters and then moving these characters across different blockchains. The biggest benefit of this association is the reduction in the carbon footprints related to the minting of NFTs. This is because the same NFT can be utilized across five different blockchains, which means there is no need to mint NFT for specific blockchains separately.


This enhanced interoperability has put forth the utility of this project for millions of investors and users in the NFT domain. The collaboration will work through a newly developed consensus mechanism which is underpinned by the protocol of Proof of Authority (PoA). This consensus mechanism can reduce the energy requirement by up to 99.98% compared to the protocol used by Bitcoin or Ethereum – which is a great thing to conserve our environment. The union is expected to bring a host of benefits to the table, and thanks to its all-encompassing utility, stakeholders involved in the system of NFT and DeFi will be sure to derive their benefits from this compact.

Trevor Holman

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