Dvision Network Entering a Partnership with DreamPictures21

Dvision recently announced entering a partnership with DreamPictures21. The digital content production venture specializes in webtoons, and the collaboration will see webtoons being integrated into the metaverse.

In addition, the partnership will provide more blockchain services to NFTize content in the Dvision ecosystem. Dream Pictures 21 started in the 2000s with Korean 3D animations as a content production company. Based on its touching stories and exquisite visuals, it has managed to hold a massive fandom over the decades.

After signing an MOU, Dvision plans on producing NFTs and conducting events in its metaverse. It will equip Dream Pictures 21’s virtual content, named Leka. Eom Jeong Hyun, Dvision Network’s CEO, stated that Dvision holds one of the best metaverse platforms in development technology. 

Dvision has been on a roll with its integration as the platform elevated its data management and storage. It undertook the NFTs metadata from the metaverse into Protocol Labs’ ecosystem.

It will secure the NFT data in the NFT.Storage linked to IPFS. The network will allow its users to link Filecoin and its content directly. The data includes NFT content to be stored cryptographically. Thus, the integration makes the data verifiable, uncompromisable, and resilient. 

Other than that, the Dvision Network works as an ultimate blockchain NFT metaverse ecosystem. Its latest integration with Dream Pictures 21 equips advanced metaverse services. In addition, it will access Dream Pictures’ virtual reality technology that reduces the entry barriers for global users.

Ultimately, this will lead developers, designers, general users, and enterprises to present an advanced metaverse experience. Given its recent expeditions and market experience, the latest integration will certainly add more value to the industry. Moreover, it will ensure that Dvision Network will gain more value and market prestige.

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