E-Commerce Giant Amazon Opens Its Biggest Campus in Hyderabad

Amazon started more than two decades ago as an online bookstore but over the years the company managed to turn the e-commerce industry on its head to become one of the most valuable companies in the world. Nowadays it does billion of dollars in business and has huge operations all across the world. Over the past half a decade or so, India has become one of the most important markets for the company and Amazon has invested billions to become the biggest e-commerce player in Asia’s second-largest economy. In a new development, the company’s Indian arm Amazon India inaugurated a new campus in the city of Hyderabad, and it is going to be the biggest campus that has ever been operated by the company so far.

Amazon has invested a lot in the country and with the presence of Walmart owned Flipkart; the company has had to be far more aggressive with its tactics in the country. According to reports, the new campus at Hyderabad will be the stomping ground of as many as 15,000 employees and will be a cornerstone of the company’s plans to rapidly expand its India operations. At this point, Amazon has employed 62,000 people in India, but it is believed that the number of employees is going to go up significantly over the coming months. The campus that has been opened in Hyderabad is going to span an area of 9.5 acres, and that makes it the company’s biggest campus that is operated by the company outside of the United States.


Hyderabad is located in the Indian state of Telangana, and the company has a significant presence in that particular state. In addition to this new campus, the company operated as many as three fulfillment centers in the state, and with this inauguration of the new campus, the company has doubled in its investments in the state. The country manager of Amazon India, Amit Agarwal spoke about the company’s continued investment and current presence in India. He stated, “Over the last 15 years we have invested significantly in India across 30 office spaces” He went on to add that Amazon now has “50 fulfillment centers in 13 states, as well as hundreds of delivery stations and sort centers, creating nearly 200,000 jobs in India.” Considering the fact that Amazon failed to make a dent in China, India has now become its most important international market.

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