E-commerce Technology Firm Inxeption and UPS has Developed a Blockchain Based Platform to Enhance Merchant Supply Chains

The major postal carrier firm of America UPS and e-Commerce Technology Company Inxeption has in collaboration developed a new blockchain based platform to boost the supply chains of the merchant. The news related to the development was mentioned in a press release which was published on March 21.

The new blockchain powered platform is named as Inxeption Zippy is designed to assist list of companies, market their products and deliver them across customers. The new blockchain platform apparently allows the merchants to track the overall supply chain from the product listing stage to delivery stage and also assures that the delicate information is only accessible to the purchaser and seller like contract individual pricing and rates of them.

The CEO of Inxeption, Farzad Dibachi, quoted that the blockchain based platform creates a much-simplified pricing solution for the merchants of B2B and with considerably amount of resources of digital marketing and IT to easily control the entire situations of selling and transporting from one secure area.

By utilizing the new blockchain powered platform, the merchants will be allowed to upload product information, monitor returns, schedule orders, review sales, and marketing analytics and process transaction and other services too.

In late January, UPS an American post carrier firm had made equity investments in the e-commerce technology company Inxeption, and they kept it private.  The CEO of Inxeption, Dibachi mentioned at that time

“The business customer’s needs more secured platforms so that their customer data is protected and also the ownership data, meanwhile making it simple so that they can interact and work together with their customers in a more powerful way.”

In recent time, Bumble Bee, the largest branded shelf-stable seafood company of North America, had introduced a blockchain powered platform for seafood to track it. The Bumble Bee blockchain platform will allow the users to examine the overall supply chain and also retrieve information related to products origins and their shipping history with the help of a smart device that will scan a QR code which is available on the product package.

Various industries from across the businesses are largely analyzing the tactics of blockchain and exploring how blockchain can boost their supply chain. Earlier, the US National Pork Board has collaborated with the blockchain based startup firm ripe.io to test the blockchain platform for the supply chain of pork; the platform will allow it to track and determine practices related to livestock health, food safety standards and environmental protections.


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