E-verse successfully hosts virtual musical concert by the Kakkars

E-verse has successfully hosted a virtual musical concert in its metaverse. Neha Kakkar and Tony Kakkar were the show’s stars in November 2022. The occasion was the celebration of their more than a hundred million fans who are spread across the globe. Two things have framed highlights here. One, it was the first-ever musical concert for Kakkars titled Musically Yours by the Kakkars in the metaverse. Second, the metaverse musical concert turned out to be a huge success.

Only inspiration can be taken from this point, clarifying that ventures can get into the sphere of metaverse concerts. Musically Yours by the Kakkars was streamed online at nehatony.everseapp.com. It was a ticketed concert where fans could engage in several activities before attending the event. The metaverse concert was aimed at celebrating the fandom of Bollywood and cutting-edge technology. Stars found it intriguing that they could reach all the fans together.

Many fans, including the die-hard ones, got a chance to come closer to their favorite musical personalities. Aishwarya Verma, one of the fans of Neha Kakkar, called the event extravagant, exciting, and engaging. She shared the ultimate highlight of the evening by recalling the moment she spent on stage dancing with Neha Kakkar and Tony Kakkar.

Every other fan felt a similar experience despite not being able to make it that close to their stars. Fans could create and customize their avatars to travel around the metaverse. Another of the many things that awaited fans’ interest was the ride of hoverbikes along with game stations. The transition to the musical event was seamless.

Sithi Srichawla, the Chief Executive Officer of E-verse, called the event a breakthrough following the successful deployment of Web3 utility and entertainment. Adding that the platform has found a new way to delight fans, Sithi explained that the event was a success because the company did what enhances human experiences, not just for the sake of technology.

The metaverse event was in collaboration with Caduceus and ThunderCore. The blockchains provided advanced solutions that went on to become the basis for the fans to buy NFT tickets and enter the concert. All the fans required was to connect their wallets.

Chris Wang, the Chief Executive Officer & Co-Founder of ThunderCore, called this event a start of the mass adoption of blockchain technology with an enormous user acquisition pipeline. Chris has hinted that many larger projects are in progress.

E-verse is based in Singapore as a blockchain super ecosystem. It provided a city-like experience to the fans who could travel around in their customized avatars. The performances were with the backdrop of fairytale palaces and sapphire valleys of a distant world. Fans with a VIP ticket had the added benefit of going to the metaverse stage and moving to the tunes of the Kakkars along with the singers – Neha Kakkar and Tony Kakkar.

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