Earn Alliance incorporates Chainlink VRF on Polygon mainnet

Earn Alliance takes great pleasure in announcing the fact that it has incorporated VRF on the Polygon mainnet. Through this, they will now have the availability of a tamper-proof, as well as an auditable method of randomness which is the requirement for boosting a random Genesis NFT mint for Last Remains. 

As an entity, Earn Alliance is involved in offering Web3 games which basically contain four significant services that are enduring for gamers. The first is for the community, while the second is for the marketplace. Then there is the factor of a directory and the Wall. Finally, the gamified mint comes in. And yes, there is the rocket launcher. In the case of the game, Last Remains, half of the revenue generated will be disbursed to the expert gamers in the form of esports tournaments. 

In the case of the imminent genesis NFT open mint, the requirement was for connectivity with a safe random number generator (RNG) that would provide the opportunity for users to be able to carry out an audit by themselves with the intention of offering them with authenticated guarantees that the entire process of minting will remain tamper-proof. This is why and when they decided to hone in on Chainlink VRF after a lot of deliberations. 

Chainlink VRF is known for its deep seeded academic research, which is backed by the oracle network and controlled with the help of on-chain authentication of cryptographic proofs which speak about the genuineness of every random number offered to smart contracts. The basic function of the Chainlink VRF is to bring together block data that is not divulged when the request is carried out and the Oracle node’s pre-committed private key for coming out with a random number, along with cryptographic proof. This ensures completely fair play and promotes transparency. According to the Founder of Earn Alliance, Joseph Cooper, this was the requirement for their game, Last Remains. 

Chainlink is the absolute benchmark in the case of the Web3 services platform that has been instrumental in carrying out a huge amount in terms of transaction value throughout DeFi, as well as insurance, gaming, NFTS, and a whole lot of other prime industries. The entity allows developers the option of creating Web3 applications while being connected to real-time data, as well as off-chain computation through every blockchain. 

Earn Alliance, on the other hand, was founded by Joseph Cooper in the year 2022. It is involved in bringing together gamers, communities, and games and exposing them to the effective utilization of online social communities. Its main concern is to address the apprehensions users have, with the help of communities, as well as educate them and create overall awareness. 

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