EasyFi Network Collaborates With Cryption Network

EasyFi Network has entered into a strategic partnership with Cryption Network to provide a host of innovative yield maximization opportunities to the users of DeFi applications. Cryption Network works on the development of user-friendly cryptocurrency products for regular retail investors. Through the collaboration with Cryption Network, EasyFi plans to make lending and borrowing of crypto products more convenient to empower the mass adoption of crypto assets. The teams of EasyFi and Cryption are putting their heads together to create a myriad of opportunities for CNT and EZ holders and DeFi users. EZ and CNT are the native cryptocurrency tokens of Cryption Network. CNT serves as an incentive for liquidity providers and provides exclusive access to premium portfolio strategies. 

As a part of the partnership contract, the two platforms will offer opportunities for collaborative incentivization to the holders of EZ and CNT tokens. Further, the platforms seek to withdraw a substantial amount of CNT and EZ out of circulation based on a time-bound lock-in to enhance the overall returns from the decreased supply of tokens. Through the partnership, the community of users of the two platforms shall get introduced to the ecosystems of one another that will enable them to make the best of more opportunities of high yield maximization through the cross leveraging of either platform. The CNT holders can use the farming and staking modules of EasyFi at Cryption Network to rake in EZ reward tokens. The EasyFi platform is also seeking to integrate with the mobile app of Cryption Network to enable the feature of frictionless trading on the go at its platform at an enhanced level of security. The COO and Cofounder of EasyFi, Anshul Dhir, expressed his approval of the partnership as the best way to maximize the high yield opportunities.

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