eCash Alias: Tradable and customizable aliases for users

eCash has introduced yet another robust feature with eCash Alias development to provide tradable and customizable usernames for eCash transactions. Users do not have to use complicated cryptocurrency addresses anymore, thanks to eCash Aliases development. 

Cryptocurrency has had a user experience problem, and let’s be honest, cryptography is quite complicated to comprehend for common people. Keeping that in mind, eCash has designed a system where users can have total control over their funds. It has also made the user experience as conveniently accessible as possible. 

A majority of the user-friendly cryptocurrency products are custodial in nature, and the security options have become too complicated to use for those who are new to this industry. 

Usernames and passwords are a hassle to maintain, and credit cards still remain one of the most commonly used payment options for internet users even though it requires the private information of the clients. 

Crypto addresses are a huge issue as they are built for machines, making them difficult to use, remember, and read. Imagine using the internet, filling out forms, or registering for a service using cryptographic strings, such as 0x6eA158159821. 

However, cryptocurrency can enhance experiences with the correct UI/UX tool. 

The ENS on Ethereum has successfully done this and allowed its users to sign up for a handle of their choice. Similar efforts were also made on Bitcoin by scaling challenges. 

eCash alias offers the best of fully tradable and customizable aliases. 

Unlike ENS, registration for phase 1 aliases will last forever without any annual maintenance fees. With ENS, there will be full feature parity launched in different phases. eCash Aliases developement will take its XEC token value to the new heights. To know more about the future projections, explore our XEC forecast for the upcoming years.

In phase 1, users can register for an alias by paying fees based on the length. In other phrases, eCash plans to support tradable NFT aliases. 

In phase 1 aliases, the eCash system will use eCash transactions to register the alias to an on-chain address. Due to the permanent blockchain, the registrations will not be allowed to reverse. If a user purchases an alias, it is wholly theirs until and unless they are sold.

Roxanne Williams

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