ECC to Launch Halo Arc for Zcash Later This Year

The Zerocoin Electric Coin Co LLC (ECC) has announced the launch of a product suite named Halo Arc for Zcash on Monday, April 13, 2021. Zcash is a cryptocurrency that guarantees and safeguards the users’ personal and transactional data while keeping it completely confidential, although still being posted to a public blockchain. This Halo Arc product suite is the next generation of Zcash where it will strengthen and improve the privacy of Zcash. This upgrade suite will include updates to Zcash’s consensus node (Zcashd), SDKs (ECC wallet software development kits), the ECC wallet model, and the ECC Reference Wallet apps. The said new product suite would also support shielded-by-default transactions that is currently mere optional for Zcash.

Halo Arc is a zero-knowledge proofs’ trustless repetitive version that permits greater scalability and removes the debated trusted setups engaged.

The Halo Arc product suite encompasses the following benefits & features:

  • Zcashd, NU5 – Compatible Consensus Node with non-malleable transaction IDs (ZIP 244), the Orchard Shielded Protocol (ZIP 224), unified addresses (ZIP 316), and a new transaction version format (ZIP 225).
  • Auto-Shielding Feature for moving funds from a transparent address to the latest shielded ZEC pool.
  • ECC Wallet for Android and iOS, available as open source.
  • Improved Note Management for reducing the waiting time between sending transactions which means that even less equipped clients will be able to send transactions immediately one after another.
  • NU5-Compatible Wallet SDKs support the upcoming network update, including a new transaction format, Orchard shielded pool, and integrated addresses.
  • The Auto-Migration mechanism for wallets for moving funds seamlessly to the most modern wallet supported & shielded pool.
  • It signifies a brand new ECC technique that packages upgrades, merchandise, and options into common releases for user comfort.
  • NU5 will be the first mainnet activation of the Halo Arc demonstrating system, fostering zero-knowledge-proof cryptography development.

As per ECC’s previous arrangements and planning, the Halo Arc product suite will be released during summer this year. However, to coordinate with the activation of Zcash’s Network Upgrade 5 (NU5), Halo Arc will now be launched on October 1, 2021, as announced.

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