EDF Partners With Cloud Computing Platform iExec, To Build Application On Ethereum

Data solutions, in modern times, are mostly based on cloud computing, and of late, cloud data security has been under the scanner for quite some time. The next big thing in data science is expected to be the marriage of cloud computing and blockchain technology.

Data computing giant iExec and leading energy provider of France, EDF have come together to maintain the latter’s cloud-based infrastructure. EDF will be building a new decentralized application on Ethereum Blockchain. This decentralized application or DApp will be called GPUSPH.

EDF is a global leader in low-carbon energies, and overall the fifth largest utility company in the world. It has a large user base of over 39.8 million customers, 29.7 million of which are in France. Sales wise, it generated over €69 billion in 2018. On the other hand, iExec is a decentralized platform for computing resources, which allows individuals and enterprises to monetize their dapps and trade computing power.

GPUSPH will reportedly benefit from the decentralized cloud. The dapp will manage Ethereum’s scalability issues by making sure that all heavy computing is done off-chain. Ethereum has been one of the most preferred choices for dapp developers, especially in the segment of cloud-based services.

Commenting on the partnership with iExec, EDF’s blockchain engineer, Gilles Deleuze said,

In a wider perspective, the development of distributed computing is a credible scenario for the future, and blockchain may be a nice lever in this scenario. The plan is to continue with other open scientific codes requiring possibly other types of worker pools.

iExec is a blockchain start-up with its native token, iExec RLC (RLC). Its partnership with the global utility giant could give it the first major boost since its launch in 2017. Off late, the price of RLC has been falling drastically, and its partnership with EDF could just be the savior.

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