Education Index Launches World’s First Blockchain-based University Application Platform

UK-based start-up Education Index has launched Libereka, a blockchain-based international student recruitment platform.

Students can open an account on Libereka and store their degree or diploma certificates, certificates in extra-curricular activities such as sports or arts, letters of recommendation from their Professors, etc. in it. Libereka will also provide students with a dashboard to list courses recommended according to their educational qualifications.

Students can apply to multiple universities from their account. Thus, the cumbersome process of going to each university in person, filling application forms, submitting documents, then the university verifying the authenticity of the documents, is curbed. It reduces recruitment time.

Soumik Ganguly, Education Index’s CEO, said,

Libereka makes recruiting students simpler, cheaper and more efficient, freeing up time for universities to focus on what really matters: securing the best and brightest students…

The Libereka Common Application & Scholarship System (LCASS) allows students to apply to multiple universities for scholarships with a single application form and set of documents. In the case of multiple offers, Libereka works to ensure that a student gets a guaranteed offer to study at a location desired by him. Thus, the time spent on applying individually to international universities is reduced. For universities recruiting international students, the time and resources spent on verifying details submitted by each student are reduced.

A portion of the amount collected from the university access system (minimum $500) through LCASS is given to the students selected under the program, to help them with their lodging, boarding in a foreign country.

Libereka is available in some of the largest markets for student recruitment like China, Africa, the Middle East, the Indian subcontinent, and Southeast Asia.

After students complete their courses, universities can put up their degrees, diplomas, or certificates in their accounts on Libereka. The student can then use these for applying for jobs, and the same benefits accruing to universities at the time of student recruitment will accrue to companies at the time of student employment. Namely, freedom from verification of documentation.

Thus, Libereka will cut costs and time at the time of a student’s recruitment as well at the time of his employment.

Trevor Holman

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