EFUN – The Pioneer Platform for Games of Predictions on Web3 and the Metaverse

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If humanity were to compile a list of the top 100 nice words to say to friends, I believe most of us would agree that “I TOLD YOU” would be at the top! But why is that? The explanation is simple: we humans must make decisions every day of our lives, based on our prior experiences and knowledge, yet we must often make decisions without being completely informed. As a result, our brains constantly perform the homework for us, allowing us to guess and forecast the possible outcomes for each action or occurrence.

And we’ve been addicted to it without even questioning why. And this keeps going down from generation to generation, from ancient times to present times, from the past to the future, with our earthly actions OR in the Metaverse to come.

Which team will get the World Cup in 2022?

Who will be the United States’ next President?

Who will be crowned Miss World 2021?

Will the price of Bitcoin reach $100,000 in the next three months?

Isn’t it fun and exciting to share your votes as well as wait for the actual results? The sorry sensation of bad replies and the self-analysis that follows always wins you both information and delight, as much as you love the perfect forecasts.


From matches in the Roma Area of the Colosseum to Augmented Reality races on Metaverse with virtual digital horses or cars, humans have been wagering for thousands of years. Prediction is an integral aspect of the games, and it always doubles or triples the enjoyment. Sports prediction is, nevertheless, regarded as “illegal” in many nations since hundreds of thousands of addicted individuals willingly spend all of their hard-earned money on it, regardless of the repercussions. As a result, a slew of centralized, tightly regulated, and taxed Sports prediction Houses sprung up, making it difficult and costly to just enjoy sports.

The Games of Predictions does involve sporting events, but it is much more than that. Predictions may be made about anything in life: will it rain tomorrow? Will Lucy be dressed in red? Will Tom be able to beat the records? Anything. The centrally operated Book Makers should raise their white flags at this point, and a completely decentralized, transparent, peer-to-peer, and easy-to-join prediction platform should be “handy” when we all need it. And then there’s EFUN!


EFUN is a pioneer platform for prediction games on Web3 and the Metaverse. May it be a Sports match, a Presidential Election or a Miss World competition, etc. EFUN enables the analyzers to know about the mass opinions, for the brands and companies to increase the awareness by making an investment in many predictive competitions and allowing the people to raise their voices.

On Web3 and the Metaverse, EFUN is a leading platform for predicting games. It might be a sporting event, a presidential election, or a Miss World pageant. Through the sponsorship of top predicting contests, EFUN allows evaluators to learn about the people’s perspectives, the public to raise their equal voices, and companies to raise awareness.

EFUN is a peer-to-peer prediction competition platform that is convenient, transparent, and simple to use. The program does not interact with traditional bookies but instead lets gamers compete against one another depending on their preferences.

Users can place bets on one or more events, setting the minimum amount and how the winnings will be split. Others decide to join the wager (with their own predictions for the events). Smart Contracts determine the winners and distribute EFUN and other tokens according to the agreed-upon split following the events (e.g., winner takes all). Built on Binance Smart Contracts, it functions as a completely decentralized and secure solution.

Learn about EFun with these links:

Whitelist: https://sweepwidget.com/view/42524-mgw6izkv

Community: https://t.me/efun_community

Chanel: https://t.me/efun_channel

Website: https://efun.tech/

White paper: https://docs.efun.tech/

Prediction-app: https://app.efun.tech/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/efun_tech

Medium: https://efun.medium.com/

Smart Contract Audit: https://docs.efun.tech/tokenomics/audit

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