Electroneum And Crypto Purposes

Electroneum is a project that is gaining momentum fast and has attracted the attention of numerous crypto enthusiasts already. As of now, it is the fastest growing cryptocurrency.

ETN will be known as the first ever cryptocurrency to bring two sets of people together- the banked and unbanked. Its agenda is to reach out to the billions of people who feel left out of the global economy because they lack a banking account. Apart from this, they try to make life better for those who already have a bank account but are struggling to keep up with the excessive taxation policies of the banks today.

ETN claims that this is all possible with a little bit of added effort. The only tool it recommends is a smartphone. Electroneum describes itself as “fully regulatory compliant digital asset that transfers instantly, and safely, on the blockchain.”

Chasing The Unbanked

Altcoin Buzz published an article in the community speaks about Electroneum. It was noted that ETN is usable all across the globe for the purpose of payments, “but the team is specifically focusing on over 1 billion unbanked people around the world.”

ETN is continuing to focus on this section of the society, as one of its main policies is that of social inclusivity. It looks to ensure that all smartphone users are able to make use of the benefits provided. This includes all the seamless transactions outside the existing banking system. Hence, a user no longer requires the usual additional hardware or running lighting servers in order to carry out transactions and send payments. You will just have to download ETN’s app which according to the coin’s team, is “ridiculously easy to use,” on your device.

After you have completed this process, it is easy to make the payments and also receive them. Besides, you can also earn free coins by trying the App (iOS and Android). You can use the coins for payment of bills or exchange them for anything else.

Latest Happenings with Electroneum

Electroneum (ETN) has been making some movements in recent weeks in the domain of mobile currency. It dropped four places to 64th with regard to Market cap in the last two weeks. Since the turn of 2018, the crypto market has experienced a bearish trend.

Although Electroneum has shifted position, it has been on the push in the previous year. This has raised several eyebrows regarding the possibilities of a rebound in price in the months to come.

This is characteristic of the cryptocurrency world, as it is highly unpredictable as to how markets will evolve. Electroneum price is making a push to move higher up the grind to claim its spot in the market cap top 60.

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