Electroneum Doesn’t Seem to Recover Anytime Sooner

Electroneum has got hit by the gloomy market, and it lost 1.62% in the last 24 hours to be placed at 0.0000003405 BTC. ETN coin has been through four phases of price shifts in the last 24 hours.

Electroneum Price Analysis

Electroneum took the first plunge between 04:25 UTC and 11:13 UTC and between these 6 hours and 48 minutes; the coin added 1.17% and got placed at 0.0000003432 BTC. It was followed by a steep fall of 1.08%, and it pushed the price of ETN to 0.0000003395 BTC by 16:17 UTC. Later the coin got a hike of 1.19% and got to the highest point of the day at 0.0000003435 BTC. The last swing of the day happened between 21:52 UTC and 23:57 UTC and this swing took away 1.40% from the coin and closed the day with a value of around 0.0000003387 BTC.

ETN to BTC Price Chart

Electroneum Price
Electroneum Chart By TradingView

Electroneum may close the day at a price of around 0.0000003430 BTC, and it may not find a quick upward movement shortly. The medium-term for the coin may get bullish and seeking exceptional growth would not be prudent. Following are the most probable resistance and support levels for Electroneum against US Dollar:

R1: $0.003524, R2: $0.003614 and R3: $0.003670


S1: $0.003378, S2: $0.003322 and S3: $0.003232

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