Electroneum (ETN) Price Analysis: Will Electroneum Be Able To Sustain Its Popularity?

Electroneum (ETN) is the world’s first mobile-based KYC/AML compliant cryptocurrency.  Founded in 2017, this digital payments network is quickly gaining popularity for its faster mode of money transfer through smartphones, without any third party involvement. It is also finding increasing usage and loyal customers due to its business model which offers attractive rewards.

Electroneum Price ChartAs on May 1, 2019, at 10:04:02 UTC, the market price of ETN is 0.005285 USD. Price is up by 8.28% from the last closing price. Currently, ETN market cap is around 49,417,978 USD, the 24h volume is at 225,299 USD, and ROI is a negative 94.41%. Its current rank is 99. The 24-hour High/Low is 0.005301 USD and 0.004843 USD. As on April 01, 2019 at 10:04:08 UTC, the price was USD 0.005773. The price has reduced to the extent of 8.4% over the past month. 2018 had been a tough year for Electroneum and the crypto markets alike. It is slowly finding its foothold in the crypto market.

Analysts’ 2019 Prediction for ETN:

Electroneum was originally developed to be used in mobile gaming and online gambling markets. Since then, it has moved on to become more mobile friendly in terms of faster transactions and easy payments. Nowadays, it is being used for small day-to-day transactions like buying food items. It has been designed for mass adoption. Its user-friendly features, easy accessibility, and secure transactions make it an attractive investment. Also, ETN’s unique features like mobile mining have kept its interest intact in the market. ETN’s expert developers are continually working on making its applications more efficient in the market. The vendor directory is being planned for launch in the next year. The ETN team keeps its investors updated about its various projects, unlike many other cryptocurrencies. The ETN community users have been on the rise since its inception. The market for ETN is yet to recover fully and is dependent on Bitcoin’s price movements. If Bitcoin has a bull run, then ETN will also proportionally move along.

Analysts are predicting a great performance by ETN for the year due to its uniqueness and cut-edge technology. Due to the ever-increasing herd of smartphone users globally, analysts predict a bright future for ETN and say it will make a mark in the long run in the crypto world. It may even move up the rankings in the crypto market. It has a competent team who have their goals clearly defined. However, in the short run ETC is not expected to make big moves and the price may even go down.

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