Electroneum (ETN) Price Prediction : Electroneum Is Definitely A Bad Choice For Long Term Investment

ETN is a mobile cryptocurrency that is specifically designed for mass adoption, and it is aimed to provide smart and extra simple user interfaces to smartphone users. ETN is focused on speeding up microtransactions, making payments for apps, purchasing mobile games and sending money to friends. ETN has not made up to the expected mark in spite of having the feature of mobile mining but, in this year, it will come up with many advancements that are likely to praise the value of ETN.

Current status of ETN

ETN is currently getting traded at USD 0.006263 (UTC time 06:26). Based on its market cap, it is the 82nd largest cryptocurrency with a market cap of USD 57,366,143 and with a circulating supply of 9,160,003,675 ETN. It is currently running on a bearish trend by -1.16%.


Price analysis of ETN on the basis of Electroneum charts

ElectroneumBased on the above chart, ETN is getting traded at 0.00659 USD or 0.00000156 BTC (UTC time 06:30). Its current market cap has a trading value of 57,328,925 USD with 716,784 USD as its 24h volume. The same chart shows that approx. One month earlier, ETN had a price point of 0.006907 USD. So, in this nearly one month period, the value of ETN has been reduced by -4.58%.

Future price predictions of ETN

Based on its recent trends, technology and performance, the analysts think that by 2020, it can reach to $1.10 provided, it significantly increases its community and performances. According to technical analysts, ETN can even reach to $2.44 by 2023. According to Cryptoground, ETN can reach a maximum of $0.1913 in 5 years.

The developers of ETN are currently working on an API which can allow easy integration to accept ETN instantly. Their instant payment API is still in BETA form which is to be updated this year. With these developments to come, it’s hard to say how well ETN will perform in the future. Although it observed a viral growth in its community in social media other than Facebook and Twitter, it’s still under improvements. Until it is performing that high followed by mass adopting, it will be hard for ETN to keep up the pace with the crypto market.


It is better to wait to invest in ETN. The crypto market is highly volatile now, and ETN is also under developments. Until there is any significant upraise in its value, it will be a futile idea to invest in this crypto.

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