Electroneum (ETN) Price Prediction : Electroneum’s Unstable Values Backtrack Market

Electroneum is a mobile cryptocurrency, designed for mass adoption. Its primary aim is to make extra exchange simple for smartphone users to acquire Electroneum. ETN’s focal point lies in speeding up the microtransactions like- purchasing mobile games, making payments for apps and sending and receiving revenue. Electroneum resolves the security issue with its stealth address, a one-time public key that prevents the recipient’s funds from being linked to their wallet. Also, Transactions are faster with dynamic fees which are based on the amount of traffic on the network and are charged less than 0.2 ETN/ transaction.

ETN Coin Chart

According to Coinmarketcap, the price of electroneum is currently being traded at 0.005966 USD (06:34 UTC). And based on its market cap value of USD 54,704,408, electroneum is the 85th cryptocurrency in the market. This position also depends on the circulating supply of 9,170,389,334 ETN. The current value on March 27 at 12:54 UTC of USD 54,818,762 and the trading price of 0.005978 USD or 0.00000148 BTC shows a minor increase from its opening value. The Market cap value reached its high on February 25 at 13:34 UTC trading at USD 73,681,149 with the price per ETN of 0.008192 USD. The current value is lower than these values by 25.60% and 37.04% respectively. The volatility of the cryptocurrency capsized its value to an all-time low of $50,204,603 on March 11 at 18:34 UTC by 31.86%. The exponential moving average that shows a rise in value between the present day and that of March 07 displays a rise of 4.16% from USD 52,631,714. However, the fluctuations in the overall market and the negligible rise in values are controlled by the bearish pressure. The inconsequential rise in the trading price does not cite support resistance.

Electroneum price prediction by UsLifted gives a positive growth for the cryptocurrency by 2020. ETN prices are estimated to increase to 0.812 USD at the beginning of 2020. By December 2020, an increase of 35.47% to 1.10 USD is expected. Similarly, CoinLiker gives long-term price prediction for ETN. By 2023, the price of ETN is expected to reach 2.44 USD. Nonetheless, the accomplishment of the predictions completely depends on the volatility of the digital currency. This can be achieved with the help of the dedicated and experienced team behind Electroneum. ETN has plans of launching an instant payment option, which is under development currently, on its platform by the end of December 2019. With these advancements, the better of the year looks fir for this cryptocurrency and the trading price is estimated to rise to 0.0355 USD by the year-end. Electroneum’s uniqueness and technology are going to raise the market of the currency in the future, and it would be moving up the ladder in terms of a ranking list. By the end of 2023, ETN is expected to reach 0.10384 USD.

Electroneum’s market is currently deteriorating with the values dipping substantially. The bears’ pressure is exerted on the market and is visible with low trading prices. This falls in favor of the sellers. The fluctuating market will be advantageous for short term traders who can receive maximum benefits for a longer period. However, investors will benefit only from a stabilized market. If the predictions work out well, the cryptocurrency will have a brighter future.

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