Electroneum (ETN) Price Predictions: ETN’s Inconsistency Has no Signs of Reviving

Electroneum (ETN) is blockchain based cryptocurrency with target users of cell phones and mobile devices. It is the only crypto coin in the market which is providing mining of crypto through a mobile application. The app for mining supports numerous languages, and it helps small investors all across the globe who cannot invest larger sums in the crypto market. The vision of Electroneum (ETN) team is to mobilize the app to every corner of the globe so that the extension of credit to the marginalized will be possible through cryptocurrencies.

Current Statistics-

ElectroneumElectroneum (ETN) is ranked 99th in the crypto market with an ROI of negative 94.08 %. The total coins in circulation stood at 9,261,943,034 ETN. The current market cap of Electroneum (ETN) stands at 51,828,459 USD on 12th April at 04:44 UTC. The value of each coin at the same UTC is 0.005596 USD and 0.00000111 BTC. The 24 h volume at the same UTC is 370,391 USD.


The value of Electroneum (ETN) is not moving consistently since the starting of 2019. The instability has affected the market value of this coin. The value of market cap on 12th March was 51,885,370 USD. The value of each coin in USD and BTC were 0.005711 USD and 0.00000147 BTC respectively. The current market cap is 0.10 % less than the market cap of 12th March. The value of each coin in USD has deflated by 2.01 % in the last 30 days. Along with the global line, the coin has gained some points after April 1st. But, it failed to sustain the growth, soon it acquired the fall.


The biggest drawback for Electroneum (ETN) was the inconsistency it has been facing since the start of the year. But, the recent growth helped the investors with some positive signs, though it could not sustain. Experts advise not to take a risk with this coin as there is no strong sign of market revive. The long term holders of the coin are advised to get rid of their positions as soon as they get a minimum profit percentage, as this coin is very unlikely to give huge dividends. With the on-going roller coaster ride of ETN, short term investors may find the current period to reserve a position for buying and leverage later once it bounced back for a while. 2019 is not likely to be ominous for ETN, though there are some high expectations after that from ETN.

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