Electroneum (ETN) Price Predictions: Will the Inconsistent Price Movement Episode ever End for ETN?

Electroneum (ETN) was launched in 2017 with a focus to reach crypto investment services to the smartphone and mobile phone users. It gives an option to trade on crypto coins by an app. The app supports many languages and used predominantly for mobile mining. The whole Electroneum (ETN) platform is based on blockchain technology, and the small investors can trade with a very smaller amount in the crypto market. The ETN creators aim to make credit line available to the marginalized section of the society.

Current Statistics-

ElectroneumElectroneum (ETN) is ranked at 102nd in the crypto market with a negative 94.48 % of ROI (Return on Investment). The current total coins in circulation stood at 9,317,044,564 ETN. The current market cap as on 22nd April at 04:29 UTC stands at 48,602,387 USD. The value of each coin in terms of USD and BTC stands at 0.005217 USD and 0.00000099 BTC respectively. The 24h volume at the same UTC is 286,271 USD.


Electroneum (ETN) started 2019 with a very high note. But it could not maintain the pace. It is one of the least trusted cryptocurrencies of the year. The long-standing variation in its value has been the biggest constraint for Electroneum (ETN). It has reached as high as 0.007 USD and as low as 0.005 USD in a matter of 15 days. The inconsistency has cost the coin its market value as well. The market cap on 22nd March was 57,944,781 USD, and the value of each coin was 0.006336 USD and 0.00000157 BTC. The current market cap is 16.12 % less than the value of 1 month back. And the value in USD has deflated by 17.66 % in the last 30 days. It should be noted that the global crypto boom on April 1st could not help much the growth of ETN.


As the coin is hovering around 0.005 USD now, the price is further to degrade. The inconsistencies will be continuing. It may now reach as low as 0.004 USD. After that ETN should move up with a target of 0.007 USD. The resistance should further push the value to downwards. The 2019 prediction remains at 0.01 USD. But by 2020, the coin should be out of the variations. The 2020 value should be around 1 USD.


We advise the short term investors to clear off this coin. Long term investors are the only ones who should stick into their investment without panicking due to short term variations.

Roxanne Williams

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