Electroneum Partners WONDER Foundation; A Step to Uplift the Developing Regions Out of Poverty

Electroneum, the first mobile crypto, is all set to go further and further in its vision towards mass adoption of the crypto in the developing place. Recently it has announced its plans to work with another high caliber, UK based platform called- the WONDER Foundation. The prime focus of this NGO is to empower females of all ages from Europe, Africa, Asia, and Latin America. On this partnership, the Director of Policy and Campaigns of WONDER Foundation- Olivia Darby said-

Our partnership with Electroneum will give women and girls in countries like the Democratic Republic of Congo, Guatemala, and the Philippines the chance to access quality education, leading to good work. More than this, through personal support, they will be able to be agents of change in their own lives and communities: truly empowered women!

The partnership can truly result in wonders!

WONDER Foundation will be Electroneum’s trusted miner in the mission of empowering people from the developing regions to help them leave the desperate and poverty-driven lives way behind them and to lead a truly wonderful life. They are planning to cater to children, single mums, and the related dependent people with services in the field of education and other tools that will help them to lead a strong life. In this mission, WONDER Foundation’s years of experience, knowledge of working with local partners from several countries, and expertise should prove to be highly helpful. The foundation has proved to be very strong support for the natural disaster-struck victims from all over the world. For instance, during Typhoon Haiyan, the foundation helped approximately 15,000 Filipinos, through medical assistance, providing new shelters, homes, food, and so on.

Endeavors for a genuine change-

The foundation believes in working at the core of an issue rather than simply providing surface-level services. That is why they go the extra mile to ensure genuine support has been provided. For instance, WONDER Foundation understands that any genuine change at any level deserves well devoted time. That is why the foundation makes sure that the students not only get educational services but are also offered a close-mentoring to help each and every child to grow to his or her maximum potential.

The qualities of this foundation made an impression on Electroneum and helped them to select the foundation from the long list of other NGOs. On this topic, the CEO of the platform- Richard Ells had the following to say-

We took a very close look at many NGOs when we decided to transition to our proprietary Moderated Blockchain, powered by our unique Proof of Responsibility (PoR) protocol. […] When we heard of WONDER Foundation and the amazing work they do on a global scale, we researched them and found they share our vision to help people live more. […] They are helping young women to upscale their skills and ensure they have a brighter future. They carry out this mission in many countries across Europe, Africa, Asia, and Latin America, where they have already made a huge difference in the lives of thousands.

WONDER Foundation and Ubuntu Pathways-

On the other hand, ‘Ubuntu Pathways’, a well-praised NGO, has been declared as the new miners of Electroneum. Ells said that after a strong ‘in-depth investigation’ of several NGOs, the platform concluded that WONDER Foundation and Ubuntu Pathways are the most transparent and trustworthy NGOs.

Support for the ETN users in South Africa and Brazil-

Electroneum has been working towards its vision since its commencement. It has helped many around the world it has gone to the extent of rewarding 3 U.S. Dollars worth of ENT on a monthly basis to its users from South Africa and Brazil. The rewarded ETN can be used in several ways by the users in ways such as topping up mobile phones, buy daily groceries, food items, taxi bills, car washes, and so on.

Proving the mettle-

The CEO further explained that the platform has intensely focused on research and development areas in order to get the crypto adoption to the mainstream stage. As a result, the company has given birth to an ETN ecosystem, which is growing at a great pace, and making a strong use-case as evidence of its usability.

The partnership between WONDER Foundation as a miner for Electroneum will enable WONDER Foundation to get the ETN block rewards as a trusted miner. These ETN block rewards will be now rocket speed to those in need to bring the change in a far more efficient manner and in a much more transparent way. Thanks to the blockchain technology which is flowering into so many wonderful ways in which this world can be a better place for all of us to live in.

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