Electroneum Price Analysis: Buckle Up ETN, or You Might Lose The Game!

Electroneum (ETN) is surely building milestones in terms of marketing their currency in the right direction. The rumors and tweets on twitter are talking about ETN reaching $0.02. However, ETN still wants to focus on getting to $0.01, which they assume to happen soon enough. With their recent presence with different summits and expansions in different countries, it might happen.

But these are just assumptions, let’s see if the price statistics agree to the rumors or not.

Price Analysis of ETN on 13th June 2019:

At 9:04 UTC, ETN price is trading at $0.004826. The remaining essentials are as follows:

Electroneum Price Chart - 13 June

Return on Investment -94.98%
Market Ranking 125 (which was 127 yesterday)
Circulating Supply 9,599,429,670 ETN
Total Supply 9,599,429,670 ETN
Market Cap 46,322,077 USD
24 Hour Volume 373,572 USD

Electroneum Price Comparison:

Comparing the data from yesterday, the lowest of 12th June was realized at the value 0.00000056 against BTC, which is now increased by 7.14% right now when the trade is valued at 0.00000060. 13th June started with a trading value of 0.00000059, and the value now is trading in an upward direction.

Electroneum Price Prediction and Conclusion:

However, if the value against BTC is running in upwards, it does not mean that it might bring some better returns. Because the general pattern of ETN speaks that the value keeps on fluctuation below and above the baseline. It means that it is better just to examine the market right now and not diving in. You never know which direction ETN might take you!

Trevor Holman

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