Electroneum Price Analysis: Electroneum (ETN) Fluctuating Within The Bullish Zone

Miners in the ETN network are growing day by day. And with the valuation from the past 15 days, the value has seen significant surges to attract the traders towards ETN. In fact, many followers are quoting that ETN might become most used crypto in the world.

Well, it doesn’t seem to happen in the next few months, but it might surely will with increasing visibility of ETN in different countries.

Price Analysis of ETN on 26th June 2019:

At06:42 UTC time on 26th June 2019, the value of ETN is trading at $0.005212. The other essential factors contributing to ETN chart are as follows:

Electroneum Price Chart - 26 June
Electroneum Price Chart
  • Return on Investment: -94.47%
  • 24 Hour Volume: 400,283 USD
  • Market Cap: 50,447,314 USD
  • Total supply/Circulating Supply: 9,666,135,633 ETN / 9,666,135,633 ETN
  • 7 Day high/low: 0.006142 USD / 0.005195 USD

Electroneum Price Comparison:

ETN price reached the lowest again. Today at 05:55 UTC time, the value against BTC was trading at 0.00000041. However, the value has increased by 2.4% as it is trading at 0.00000042 against BTC. The highest, on the other hand, was realized on 20th June in the past 5 days with a trading value of 0.00000062, which is now dropped by 32.2% from then.

Electroneum Price Prediction and Conclusion:

After achieving the highest of the month on 17th June, the value seems to degrade every day. However, with new partnerships and increasing visibilities of ETN in different nations can change the circumstance soon.

Considering the past 30 days of data, the value of ETN is still in the bullish zone. You might want to play safe, so the calculated resistance and support levels are $0.006029 and $0.00515 respectively. Till then, Let’s hope for ETN to create better highest touchdowns in the near future.

Trevor Holman

Trevor Holman follows crypto industry since 2011. He joined CryptoNewsZ as a news writer and he provides technical analysis pieces and current market data. He is also an avid trader. In his free time, he loves to explore unexplored places.

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