Electroneum Price Analysis: Electroneum (ETN) Price Escalation To Book Newest Price Marks

Electroneum (ETN) has gained back the popularity by its current price momentum. The coin is anticipated to book new counters in the coming time. The same is indicated in the Electroneum chart.

The crypto market holds hope from the ongoing month. The currencies were predicted to breach astounding counters in the July month. To everybody’s surprise, the market experienced a heavy drop in the first week.

However, the coin has again started recovering from the drop. The upsurge in the coin is likely to continue for the time. The future in Electroneum is bright.

Current Statistics of Electroneum (ETN):

  • The coin is trading at $0.006109.
  • Electroneum is 112th coin the crypto market.
  • The Return on Investment is noted as -93.53%.
  • The Circulating Supply has 9,727,851,732 ETN.
  • The 24hr Volume is marked as around $1,035,998.
  • The market cap is calculated at $59,427,790.

Electroneum Price Chart - 09 July

Looking at the 1-day chart of Electroneum, the coin reflects an upsurge in the ETN price. The coin yesterday opened at 0.0000004636 BTC. The coin jumped to 0.0000005495 BTC within the first half of the day showing a growth of over 18%. Soon the price slipped to 0.0000004596 BTC manifesting a regression of 16.32%. The coin again jumped to 0.0000005512 BTC. The hike in price was of 19.92%. The coin couldn’t hold itself at the price and again fell. This time the regression marked was of 12.80% and price counters switched from 0.0000005512 BTC to 0.0000004807 BTC. The intraday profit was marked as 15.94%. Today, the coin opened with a downfall. The coin fell from 0.0000005373 BTC to 0.0000005006 BTC by 6.82%. However, the intraday recovery in the price has started. The current price of the ETN coin is 0.0000005150 BTC.

Electroneum Price Prediction and Conclusion:

The market is trading with a $35 billion market cap. A few days back, the market cap was at $32 billion. However, time has passed. Yesterday, the ETN coin price touched a high at $0.007045 and a low at $0.005280. The volume marked on 8th July 2019 was at $1,177,853.

We are positive that the upsurge will be maintained in the coin. The long-term prospect is likely to big a bigger outlay.

The traders with long-term investment plan can dig in Electroneum for huge dividends.

Trevor Holman

Trevor Holman follows crypto industry since 2011. He joined CryptoNewsZ as a news writer and he provides technical analysis pieces and current market data. He is also an avid trader. In his free time, he loves to explore unexplored places.

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