Electroneum Price Analysis: Electroneum Hopes Not To Get Overshadowed Soon!

Great marketing strategies are used by ETN community. After the empanelment with South African region, Artis Turba, an intuitive cryptocurrency exchange in South Africa is giving away Electroneum mobile sets to their traders. The offer is such that if the user deposits ZAR and buy ETN on their platform, he or she will get a chance to avail this advantage.

Followers of ZAR might be upset, but KUDOS to the marketing strategy of Electroneum. And well, supposedly better marketing will help ETN to generate more popularity in the market to sustain.

Price Analysis of Electroneum:

AT UTC time, 5:47 on 8th June, the value of ETN is trading at a price (USD) 0.004373. The Return on Investment was giving negative outcome at 95.37% and ranked at 131 positions in the market. The Market Cap is 41,860,488 USD with 24-hour volume at 383,194 USD. However, the supply of ETN in the market is quite higher and impressive at 9,572,557,115 ETN.

Electroneum Price Comparisons:

Electroneum Price Chart - 8 June

It won’t be wrong to say that ETN price (BTC) is only attracting the bearish trend. However, there are some updates from ETN community talking about their expansion plan. If all flows in the right direction, the trend might see some positive changes. But currently, the price (BTC) of ETN is trading at 0.0000005453; a further declined since yesterday.

Electroneum Price Predictions and Conclusion:

Can a large supply be a reason for dip in the value? As the investors seem to be a bit concerned about the same discussion on twitter. However, it might just be a false statement, but a sudden switch is a desperate need for ETN to even follow a meaningful ranking in the market. Slowly when the community is talking about the latest updated and distributing free mobile phones for ETN traders, it might hit some surge soon. But it has to be quick enough, before other investment avenues and other coins of the market start overshadowing the trades of ETN.

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