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Electroneum Price Analysis: ETN Has been Devalued against USD Overnight

Electroneum (ETN) is one of the emerging coins in the market, and it has been under pressure for the last few weeks now. However, the coin is likely to turnaround its situation a little later this year. We should now analyze the current details of the coin.

Electroneum Current Statistics-

Electroneum (ETN)15th August 07:02 UTC
ROI (Return on Investment)-95.98%
Coin Circulation9,773,750,964 ETN
Market Cap37,212,076 USD
Value in USD0.003807 USD
Value in BTC0.0000003926 BTC 
24h Volume172,414 USD

ETN to BTC Price Comparison-

ETN to BTC Price Comparison

ETN coin price opened the day with a hike in the value by 3.08% and reached 0.0000003989 BTC. After a few hours of volatility, the coin showed another phase of growth by 14:58 UTC and it gave the coin 2.45% value addition. It was followed by a steep dip in the value which took the coin to its lowest at 0.0000003853 BTC. The last swing of the day started at 18:24 UTC, and by 02:53 UTC, it was hovering near 0.0000004024 BTC.

Electroneum Price Prediction-

Electroneum has been bearish over the last couple of weeks, and this may even deteriorate in the coming days. The details of all the next resistance and support levels are as follows. 

Electroneum (ETN)
1st Resistance0.004202 USD
2nd Resistance0.00444 USD
3rd Resistance0.004566 USD
1st Support Level0.003838 USD
2nd Support Level0.003712 USD
3rd Support Level0.003474 USD

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