Electroneum Price Analysis: ETN Is Attracting Many Users In The Bullish Trend!

Have you opened the twitter these days? If not, you might be surprised to see the updates of ETN and people’s positive response on Electroneum strategies and growth. ETN has crossed 120,000 cloud miners already! The growth of ETN is finally seen by the users and followers of cryptocurrency.

Users are in fact tweeting about the great efforts of ETN team of rolling out to 20 countries in such a short span of time. The visibility can be seen now finally! People definitely appreciate the expansion of ETN and their smart approach to reaching out to every local community.

Price Analysis of ETN Coin on 19th June 2019:

At 5:55 UTC, the ETN price is trading at $0.005627 on 19th June 2019. The remaining essentials are as follows:

Electroneum Price Chart - 19 June

Return on Investment -94.04%
Market Ranking 115
Circulating Supply 9,630,149,225 ETN
Total Supply 9,630,149,225 ETN
Market Cap 54,188,349 USD
24 Hour Volume 408,937 USD

ETN Coin Price Comparison:

In the past 5 days, ETN saw some remarkable changes and trends attracting many new users on board. The Lowest and highest of ETN in the past 5 days was seen on 14th June at 0.00000057 and 17th June at 0.00000071 against BTC respectively. The value has increased by 7% from the lowest and dropped by -14% from the highest respectively.

Electroneum Price Prediction and Conclusion:

We might have been wrong about ETN before. It felt that the coin might be out of the marathon very soon, but it seems to catch the eyes of followers now!

The visibility of ETN has increased, which is acquiring many trades in favor of the ETN market. ETN is showing bullish trend right now. For traders who are new to the ETN market might want to consider playing under the resistance and support levels between $0.00666 and $0.00492 respectively.

Trevor Holman

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