Electroneum (ETN) Price Analysis: Will Apple Help ETN to recover in future?

Electroneum (ETN) launched in 2017, targeted mobile users and aimed for mass acceptance. The company was developed to create user-friendly advancements for Smartphone users.

A few days back, Apple mobile app approved the beta version of Electroneum (ETN). The announcement was made on tweeter, and within few hours the news got many retweets.

The cryptocurrency market expected to see a rise in the price of the coin, but the expectations got ruined as the ETN continued to fall.

Let’s have a look at the charts of Electroneum (ETN).

Electroneum price chart

Currents Statistics of Electroneum (ETN):

The price analysis of Electroneum (ETN)  is given below and the charts are taken from Trading View at 07:44:27, on 26th May 2019:

Summary of Statistics:

  • The ROI of Electroneum (ETN) is negative 95.23%.
  • A total of 9,505,875,315 ETN is in circulation.
  • The 24hr volume of Electroneum (ETN) stands at 322,154 USD.

ETN Charts from last five days are showing a steep downfall. On 21st May 2019, from 0.0000007984 BTC the price dropped to 0.0000006269 BTC with a 20% regression. The fall showed an improvement on 22nd May. There was another fall on 24th May, but this time the regression was by 14%.

Electroneum (ETN) Comparison-

At the beginning of 2019, Electroneum (ETN) was at 0.000002003 BTC, and now the Electroneum (ETN) is dealing at 0.0000005746 BTC. The coin has experienced a huge fall since the beginning of the year.

However, after the approval news from Apple Inc., the investors are expecting the coin to bounce back in the business. Apple has a huge fan base which can help Electroneum (ETN) to recover.

Talking about past one month, the coin was at 0.00000011229 BTC, and on 26th May 2019, at 17:12:22 UTC, 0.0000005746 BTC. Electroneum (ETN) registered a fall by 48%.

Price Prediction of Electroneum (ETN)-

As per the current trend, ETN is reflecting a downflow in the price. In the coming months, we are expecting the same pattern to continue.

However, due to the Apple Inc. approval of Electroneum (ETN) beta version, we are also anticipating a rebound in the prices.


The prices of Electroneum (ETN) will show significant development in the long run. So people interested in Electroneum (ETN) can invest in it with a picture of long term in mind.

Also, we would suggest diverging the investment in other cryptocurrencies in order to compensate for the risk.

Scott Cook

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