Electroneum Price Analysis: ETN Seem To Be Last In The Marathon!


Twitter is showered with the positive news and updates of Electroneum. You will be surprised to see the ETN team promoting the network so vigorously in South Africa. The Taxi Drivers of Pinetown were educated on the ETN platform, and they seem to enjoy the safety and convenience features of the platform.

The residents of Pine Town, on the other hand, were offered free rides in the Taxi. South Africa seems to promote Electroneum by featuring on the benefits of getting paid with ETN platform. It seems like a fun promotion, but is it going to bring any change in the charts of Electroneum price?

Let’s see if it is too late to quote the survival of ETN Coin.


Electroneum Price Analysis on 5th June 2019:

The Electroneum price is trading at USD 0.003722 at 7:55 UTC on 5th June 2019. The Return on Investment is dropped to -96.06%. The market ranking has dropped even further down to number 138. The market cap value is USD 35,582,836 with 24-hour volume at USD 321,467. The circulating supply and the total supply are the same as 9,558,884,776 ETN.

ETN Coin Comparison:

ETN Price Chart - 5 June

Speaking of the trend since the beginning of the trading chart, which is 19th Nov 2018, Electroneum price has seen a downward trend. Since the ranking is going down as well, it seems that they might not run in the marathon now. The market dropped to 76% within 7 months.


Traders seem to quit ETN coin from their portfolios.

Electroneum Price Prediction & Conclusion:

It is yet to confirm whether ETN will survive or not? However, they are actively trying to get the best of the partnerships to sustain the value in the market, but is it happening soon or not! If not, they might have to say goodbye to the market soon.

For traders, it is advised just to watch the trend and decide on their own whether ETN will bring profit to their capital or not.


Trevor Holman

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