Electroneum Price Analysis: ETN uptrend gets disturbed by Market plunge; coin embarks recovery

  • Electroneum price uptrend interrupted.
  • ETN price momentum to stay put despite heavy market pressure.

Electroneum has been performing well as per the current downtrend in the crypto market. The coin is often seen struggling to climb up. ETN coin is showing great potential lately. The investment in Electroneum won’t go futile. Yesterday, the coin touched a high at 0.005033 USD and a low at 0.004774 USD. The coin marked volume on 26th July 2019 was 123,556 USD.

ETN to BTC Price Comparison:

The chart is taken from TradingView on 26th July 2019, at 04:04:07 UTC.

ETN price Chart - 26 July
ETN Chart by TradingView

Looking at the ETN price chart, the coin climbed from 0.0000004839 BTC to 0.0000004899 BTC. The coin booked an escalation of 1.24%. Further, the coin jumped from 0.0000004899 BTC to 0.0000004997 BTC. This time the escalation was 2.00%. There was another upsurge which the price up to 0.0000005036 BTC from 0.0000004996 BTC. The progression was of 0.80%. The escalation in the intraday chart was of 2.75%. Today, the coin opened at 0.0000004969 BTC. The regression was marked by 3.64%. The price counter changed from 0.0000004969 BTC to 0.0000004788 BTC.

Let’s have a look at the current statistics of Electroneum,

  • ETN price is at 0.004709 USD.
  • ROI of Electroneum is -95.01%.
  • The Market Cap stands at 45,910,046 USD.
  • Circulating Supply is noted as 9,749,099,904 ETN.
  • 24-hour Volume is at 154,039 USD.

Electroneum Price Prediction and Conclusion:


Electroneum is surging with a steady momentum. The coin gets interrupted by the market trend, but later, it again starts moving up. The coin reflects a great potential of taking the price up in the future. We are positive that investment with Electroneum would bring a great return on investment. The coin might be seen hovering around 0.00000070 BTC. The long-term investment in Electroneum would bring a huge return on investment.

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