Electroneum Undergoes Blockchain Update; Integrates Ledger Nano Cold Wallet

Chris Harrison, the Chief of Blockchain in globally reputed entity Electroneum, has spread the news about the introduction of a new network update on the network that will be aimed towards bringing on-board the Ledger Nano cold wallet through a major integration. The upgradation will be focused on enhancing and augment the efficiency, functionality, and operational capabilities at the crypto exchanges.

As per the statements of Harrison, the users can download the new version of the solution on Github Electroneum. He affirmed that the updation should not be misunderstood as a mobile app update. Also, it is not a fork, and so the users need not implement the upgrade on their respective handles. “Electroneum has implemented this blockchain revamp, pulling in various bug fixes, security patches, and the basic code required for the Ledger integration,” stated Harrison.

Mr. Harrison stated that the upgrade had been designed to infuse bug fixes that will reduce the unfavorable instances of network crashes and exceptions. Other significant features of the upgrade include:

  • Introduction of additional Electroneum addresses of the same wallet private key
  • Enhanced wallet refresh times
  • Multi-sig messaging system

“The original wallet address will just become sub-address 0 as of this update. And this (sub) address will remain the default wallet to spend from if no extra information is passed to the RPC transfer commands so users can continue spending ETN as normal without making any changes to their wallet if they wish to do so,” added Harrison.

The leader highlighted that the CLI and RPC wallets would allow ETN users to create an “n” number of addresses and group them into accounts. This will help in improving the administration of the funds. He clarified that the update is not compulsory, but it is advisable to enjoy access to new features.

About Electroneum

Launched in 2017, Electroneum shines as the world’s first fully mobile cryptocurrency that renders its users with a revolutionary “mobile cloud miner.” The ETN cryptocurrency is also the world’s first KYC/AML compliant virtual token offering the highest security standards to its strong customer base of 3.1 million investors. The blockchain network has gained the trust of the global audience by being insusceptible to nearly 51% of illicit attacks. The project was designed to help the unbanked population of the world to come under the umbrella of the banked economy. Being the greenest cryptocurrency presently, Electroneum helps to facilitate payment systems in developing and underdeveloped economies.

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