Electroneum’s Founder & CEO Plans Digital Services Ecosystem

In an interview on the sidelines of the AIBC summit in Malta, Electroneum CEO and founder Richard Ells spoke about his upcoming project, GigFair, which allows people living in Asia and Africa to offer digital services for corporations in North America and Europe. It will bring down costs for corporations and improve earnings for digital service providers. The payments will be in Electroneum’s ETN Cryptocurrency.

Ells also revealed plans to launch an e-learning platform in the first quarter of 2020. People across the world can use this platform to learn digital skills and then offer them on GigFair to various corporations in North America and Europe. Presumably, payments on the e-learning platform will also be in ETN.

Thus, Electroneum wants to create an ecosystem where corporations will pay in ETN for digital services, and new users will pay in ETN for acquiring new digital skills. Thus, ETN will stay within the ecosystem.

Ells also talked about the success of mobile top-up with ETN service in Brazil, where it was first launched. In Brazil, over $28,000 worth of mobile top-up transactions were carried out using ETN last month, and in a single week, 12,000 new users took up the service. Though it admitted that the company offered free ETN to attract users; but asserted that the practice would be stopped in the future. Electroneum has extended the mobile top-up with ETN service to Nigeria, Uganda, Tanzania, South Africa, and Turkey.

He also stressed on the consensus that cryptocurrency was the best medium for financial inclusion and how more than 20,000 users from the Electroneum community applied in a single day for the post of beta-tester.

Scott Cook

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