Elon Musk threatens Apple ban across his tech empire

Tesla’s CEO, Elon Musk, has made a bold statement that highlights the growing tensions between major players in the tech industry. He has declared his intention to prohibit the use of Apple products within his companies due to concerns over security. Apple’s recent decision to integrate OpenAI’s technology into its operating systems, which Musk views as a significant security threat, prompted this decision.

Elon Musk, who is also the CEO of SpaceX and owner of X (ex-Twitter), expressed his apprehension towards Apple integrating OpenAI into its hardware. Musk stated on X that the inclusion of OpenAI in the operating system by Apple would result in the prohibition of Apple products in my organizations, which is a security violation. He even suggested that Faraday enclosures be installed at his company’s premises to mitigate the impact of Apple’s insecure devices.

The present conflict truly has a lot at stake, as it is about incorporating ChatGPT into Siri, Apple’s digital assistant. The latest updates empower Siri to utilize ChatGPT’s function, allowing users to submit documents and photos for artificial intelligence analysis and response. This integration is part of a broader strategy that Apple refers to as the Intelligent Assistant plan, which aims at leveraging the power of AI technology to transform how users interact with their devices, including text creation and the design of visuals.

Musk’s direct criticism of Apple extends beyond their divergent technological perspectives. Specifically, Musk is on record for criticizing Apple for not developing its own AI initiatives but relying on various forms of partnerships, such as its partnership with OpenAI. He also questioned this strategy, stating that Apple cannot control or even know what happens next once it provides data to OpenAI. According to Musk, they are, in fact, cheating their customers.

Musk’s affiliation with OpenAI, which he co-founded in 2015 and is currently in direct competition with, is the source of the rivalry. He noted that OpenAI has veered off its mandate of safe AI development and instead focused on the issue of making profits. Musk expressed his dissatisfaction with the company’s direction, even going to the extent of suing OpenAI and its leadership.

However, the relationship between Musk and Apple also had its highs and lows. While a conversation with Tim Cook in 2022 appeared to resolve a dispute over the fees and rules of Apple’s App Store, recent events indicate that this resolution was only temporary. Musk’s recent statements and the prospect of banning Apple devices within his businesses suggest that this rivalry is shifting to a new level, which may pose a threat to both corporations and their workers.

Consequently, these influential and potent technology leaders are responsible for the direction of their respective organizations. They are involved in a high-stakes competition to achieve different and often conflicting visions of the future of the industry. The resolutions of their disputes not only affect their own companies’ policies and cooperation. Still, they may also influence macro-level issues such as the extent of technology integration or data protection.

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