Elon Musk’s word at future Tesla purchases with DOGE – “at some point”

Elon Musk can trigger excitement with a snap of his fingers. The most recent one comes from his interaction with the public at Giga Berlin, wherein a person asked if they would be able to buy Tesla with Dogecoin (DOGE). His reaction was obvious, but words were quicker to spark enthusiasm. Elon said they should enable that at some point (payment via Dogecoin). Simply put, people at Giga Berlin wanted to know if DOGE would ever be the official payment mode for Tesla cars, and Musk said that the company should do it anytime soon.

For reference, DOGE is already an official payment method for customers looking to buy Tesla merchandise.

Elon Musk started advocating Dogecoin when he received several requests from Tesla customers and SpaceX visitors. His criticism of Bitcoin has been that rich people have always backed it. The pleasure of owning the token has eluded many others. Dogecoin seemed like a reasonable token that people loved. Hence, he has been supporting Dogecoin since then.

That is how the love story of Elon and Dogecoin goes on the Internet. His interaction at the Berlin Gigafactory dates back to March 13, 2024, when audience members got curious about the expanding utility of DOGE.

The community on the Internet has begun showcasing its support for DOGE. One of the members said that Elon can test its popularity simply by launching a Doge Edition of Tesla. Others continue to ask about the timeline and possible dates for Dogecoin to get approval for a Tesla car purchase.

DOGE, since his interaction at Berlin Giga, has seen a surge of 7.99%. The token was listed at $0.1839 at the time of writing this article. It further reflects a rise of 19.95% in the last 7 days. Dogecoin price prediction estimates that the token will touch $0.2 by the end of March this year, that is, 2024. Alternatively, it could end in March 2024 at $0.18. It could all come down to how well the token sustains the ongoing hype and whether Musk continues the series on X for the next couple of days.

The situation is possible considering that X is exploring the launch of an in-app payment service, XPayments. The last time it was introduced to the platform users, there was speculation that cryptocurrencies would be a core part of the payment functionality. He didn’t play down that aspect, but he didn’t precisely show any green flags either.

Integrating payment functionality into X aims to make X an all-in-one app. Traditional fiat currencies have a better chance of appearing in XPayments before cryptos do that.

Tesla has been accepting Dogecoin for its merchandise since January 14, 2022. The rule is that a non-Dogecoin asset transferred to Tesla will not be returned to the purchaser, helping the company to set expectations straight. Assuming Dogecoin makes its way to buying Tesla, the rule will remain the same, and non-DOGE transfers will be non-refundable.

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