Elrond Network Collaborates With Unicrypt

Elrond Network announced that the firm has entered into a partnership with Unicrypt Services. According to Elrond forecast reports, the partnership’s primary goal is the integration of the Elrond Network into the decentralized multi-chain services of Unicrypt. Unicrypt is known to offer services in token creation, tools for staking and farming, liquidity locks, and vesting options. The platform of Unicrypt Services also serves as the zone for self-service incubation. The current and future services of Unicrypt in the field of token creation and token management shall now incorporate the advantages of the advanced Elrond Network. The Blockchain of Elrond can process up to 15,000 transactions in a second with a latency period of only 6 seconds. It focuses on creating a borderless, permissionless, internationally accessible internet economy with its internet-scale blockchain network.

The collaboration between Unicrypt and Elrond Network will enable the users of Unicrypt to work with Elrond Smart Contracts and ESDT tokens. The AMM browser of Unicrypt shall also be expanded, according to the partnership agreement, to cover Maiar Exchange and permit users to keep track of token pairs at the native decentralized forum. The CEO of Elrond Network, Beniamin Mincu, is looking forward to work with Unicrypt Services to make the process of creating and managing tokens as easy as app development. The co-founder of Unicrypt, Antoine Chaveron, is pleased with the collaboration between Elrond and Unicrypt. The protocol of Elrond is directly embedded with tokens that make the integration all the more beneficial for Unicrypt.

The team at Unicrypt shall begin working on the incorporation of Elrond technology from the third quarter of this year. The work will commence with the liquidity lockers and proceed with the inclusion of the Maiar Exchange and the expansion of the AMM Browser.

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