Internet economy and enterprise blockchain solutions network Elrond announced on Tuesday that it is collaborating with blockchain activator Easy2Stake. It stated that it has roped in Easy2Stake as an infrastructure partner for the Elrond Mainnet launch.

In a blog post shared on Medium by Elrond CIO Lucian Mincu, that the network is striving it to make it accessible to validators even with basic computer skills and entry-level hardware. Easy2Stake provides high-quality blockchain infrastructure solutions to organizations and is among the leading names in the segment. Liviu Nica, CEO of Easy2Stake said

“Adding Elrond to our staking services makes sense for a lot of reasons: the people, the tech, the economics. We’re happy to start this journey alongside our long-term partners.”

On the other hand, Elrond aims to achieve a 1000-fold cumulative improvement in throughput and execution speed. It is a scalability focused network that also has plans to achieve high efficiency and a secure mechanism. CEO Beniamin Mincu said,

“We have a long history of working with the E2S team. They have proven themselves in the PoS space and there is a solid layer of trust between us. We are excited to have them as launch partners.”