Elrond now available on Indacoin via Visa And Mastercard

Blockchain technology leader Elrond Network has partnered with the London-based crypt payment platform Indacoin for expanding its presence in the UK and other European markets. Elrond is available on Indacoin, and the fiat gateway is exposing Elrond to new users, across multiple countries, and for trading over a dozen of fiat currencies. With this, Elrond will be a part of the Indacoin ecosystem via VISA and Mastercard purchases exclusively.

According to the partnership announcement, over 500,000 new users on Indacoin will get access to Elrond through their VISA and Mastercard transactions. These users are spread across 180 countries in Europe and Russia, Elrond gets to enter these new marketplaces and increase its global footprint. Through their VISA and Mastercard transactions, users can trade Elrond digital money for fiat currencies such as Euros (EUR), British Pounds (GBP), Russian Ruble (RUB), and American Dollar (USD). In total, there are around thirteen fiat currencies that will be traded with Elrond via VISA and Mastercard transactions on Indacoin.

The most significant advantage of this partnership is that Indacoin users can use Elrond crypto exchange in less than 15 minutes of delivery times. Indacoin, which is a highly popular digital money processing platform in the UK, Russia, and other countries in the European belt, will offer a super-fast delivery for cryptocurrency purchases through Elrond with VISA and Mastercard transactions.

Being a European cryptocurrency payments processor, Indacoin operates in London and provides B2B integrations, including its retail customers. Since 2013, the company has developed a platform to process crypto money and fiat currencies from over 180 countries solely through credit card payments, Indacoin is a user-friendly web application for processing crypto money into fiat money.

Guilherme Jovanović, the Chief Business Development Officer of Indacoin looks forward to this partnership as his company has been “following Elrond’s progress” over the year. Jovanović sees the high demand for Elrond token and promises Indacoin’s capabilities in efficiently delivering it to its customers in less than 15 minutes.

For Elrond CEO and Founder, Beniamin Mincu, Indacoin’s super-fast delivery speed will help it capture time-constrained opportunities. It will add new delivery standards to the Elrond Network and make its tokens more accessible to European and Russian crypto user communities.

For blockchain architecture company, Elrond Network, this Indacoin integration brings its token to the user communities in Russia, the UK, and over 180 other countries and quickly onboard any new ecosystem directly via VISA and Mastercard.

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