Eman Pulis, CEO of SiGMA and Malta A.I & Blockchain Summit in an Exclusive Interview with CryptonewsZ

Eman Pulis is the Founder and Group CEO of the leading iGaming showcase in Malta – SiGMA, Malta A.I & Blockchain Summit and Cannabiz Summit World. In addition to a wealth of experience in event management, Eman Pulis holds a degree in Education with first-class honors. He also holds a master’s degree in both diplomacy and creativity & innovation. Mr. Pulis was recently appointed Senior Advisor at GanaEight Coin.

CryptoNewsZ: From being a national athlete, bringing DJs to Malta and holding the largest events in gaming and crypto, respectively, our readers would love to know more about your journey through managing diverse portfolios.

My days as an athlete are long gone; nowadays it’s my daughter Emilia that keeps me fit! I previously competed on a national level – I represented Malta in 2003 at the Small Nation Games. In fact, I broke the national record in the triple jump. The life of an athlete is one which requires an obsession with perfection, a dedication to completing the task at hand, and stamina – all qualities I find useful today.

As with all our verticals, we’ve always sought to complement and reflect the most recent developments in the industry, so when the government started regulating the space for both blockchain and medical cannabis, it was only natural for me to take SiGMA Group on that journey.
Eman Pulis


CryptoNewsZ: Eman, you’ve always maintained that you are ‘an events guy’ – how did the one-man army behind the world’s largest gaming event manage to achieve tremendous success in such a short period?

Our commitment to quality is second to none, everything we do is geared towards providing the best possible experience for those who attend and participate in our events – from engaging content to a well laid out expo floor featuring some of the best brands in the field.
Eman Pulis


CryptoNewsZ: You have always maintained that you are a ‘start-up romantic.’ What does it mean to you?

I can never resist the challenge of starting something new; there is something very satisfactory about taking a fledgling idea, nurturing it and watching it grow into something incredible.
Eman Pulis


CryptoNewsZ: What sparked your interest in the blockchain domain and crypto?

There is a freshness and energy to the emerging tech sector. My interest was definitely piqued when the Maltese government tabled the idea of regulation back in early 2018. The potential for the country to become a successful hub for innovation was intriguing – and I think it’s fair to say it has definitely succeeded in its ambitions.
Eman Pulis


CryptoNewsZ: Having dabbled in both gaming and blockchain, do you think blockchain is changing the gaming scenario, considering gaming giants such as Ubisoft and EA are actively exploring the possibilities that blockchain offers?

There is huge potential for these two verticals to work together. Blockchain technology has a lot to offer the iGaming industry, especially in terms of security, transparency, efficiency, and fairness – all concepts today’s generation of players have come to expect and demand.
Eman Pulis


CryptoNewsZ: The advent and acceptance of the blockchain technology across the world encouraged developers to come together for a new crypto-centric world, but none had a platform like The Malta Blockchain Summit before you led the way. What was your idea behind providing one-of-a-kind platform to blockchain enthusiasts?

Our goal has always been to shine a light on the industry. Such a young and emerging industry is constantly in flux and its innovation and development is reliant on some of the best minds being able to get together and hash out ideas – our conferences have provided an excellent platform for this to happen.
Eman Pulis


CryptoNewsZ: Today, Malta is leading the way in financial services, gaming and is now called The Blockchain Island. Do you think the reformist and progressive Maltese government has set itself apart in the international domain by establishing a pro-blockchain economy?

I think the general consensus amongst the industry is that the regulation that was passed in 2018 has helped provide stability and security for companies looking for a place to set up shop. A number of big names, such as Binance have already put down roots and I think that shows that Malta is a place that has a lot to offer when it comes to the tech innovation sector. Its mid-Mediterranean location, English speaking population, and business-friendly government make Malta a desirable place to do business.

The launch of an AI task force was also a positive step in opening up opportunities for the emerging tech sphere in Malta. Their focus on bringing technology closer towards mass adoption is an important consideration in ensuring tech businesses can thrive here.
Eman Pulis


CryptoNewsZ: The Maltese government has left no stone unturned to establish its unconditional support to the avant-garde blockchain technology by creating a regulatory framework unlike any other in the world. The Hon. Dr. Joseph Muscat, Prime Minister of Malta, has set an example by being the face of the Malta AI and Blockchain Summit. Do you think other economies would inevitably follow suit?

The Maltese government has created a very business-friendly environment; their open support has shown that Malta is a welcoming place, open to new ideas and that international companies are supported by the security of a solid regulatory structure. It’ a policy that has certainly worked for Malta.
Eman Pulis


CryptoNewsZ: A straightforward yet intriguing question for you Eman: how did you manage to get the Hon. Prime Minister of Malta to issue the invite for the Malta AI and Blockchain Summit 2018? Never before in history has the PM of a nation endorsed an event of such magnitude and importance.

The government has always been very supportive of initiatives designed to showcase Malta’s qualities as a great place to work – both Her Excellency, the former President of Malta, Marie-Louise Coleiro Preca and the Hon. Prime Minister have been regular guests of honor at past SiGMA Group events. The Hon. Prime Minister has been at the forefront of Malta’s path towards a regulated blockchain industry, so of course, we were delighted he chose to be a part of our inaugural event in 2018.
Eman Pulis


CryptoNewsZ: Do you think having the presence of stalwarts- The Hon. PM of Malta and Hon. Silvio Schembri gives significant confidence to crypto investors to keep faith in Malta’s crypto-friendly policies in the future?

They’re well-respected figures in the industry, so certainly their backing lends prestige. It’s always reassuring to know the government supports the industry and is committed to a business-friendly approach.
Eman Pulis


CryptoNewsZ: The MFSA approved the first VFA agents and the MDIA later followed by the MDIA issuing the first accreditation of System Auditors of Innovative Tech Arrangements. Do you see this as a significant achievement for the blockchain industry? Do you think such significant steps will propel the Maltese government to cement its position as the heart of the blockchain sector?

Absolutely, it was a game changer. Malta’s path towards becoming a hub for blockchain has never been more straightforward. I believe we’re well on our way to solidifying our position as a major global player within this sector.
Eman Pulis


CryptoNewsZ: Notably the AIBC Summit has brought together the likes of esteemed members of the government of Malta, prominent names in the AI and blockchain space, including John McAfee, Tim Draper, Roger Ver, Ben Goertzel, Larry Sanger, Brock Pierce, the Winklevoss twins amongst others. How does your team manage to bring together great minds of such caliber under one roof so effortlessly? How long does it take to plan the entire event?

This is something we spend the whole year working on. Our team puts a lot of time into carefully curating a conference line-up that is engaging and interesting. The fact that the debate between industry legends Roger Ver and Tone Vays during the May summit was trending on twitter shows that we are creating content that people are interested in.

This year we’re thrilled to be adding one more big name to fray – Akon. Keep an eye out for him on the conference stage where he’ll be speaking about his initiatives in bringing his cryptocurrency Akoin to Africa.
Eman Pulis


CryptoNewsZ: What differentiates the Malta AI and Blockchain Summit from other blockchain conferences and events across the world? Do you expect it to grow in prominence in the upcoming years? The Medical Cannabiz World Summit precedes the winter edition of the blockchain summit. Please tell us the idea behind the said event and its importance for the medical cannabis industry.

We’re pretty excited that in 2020 the AI and Blockchain Summit will launch in Manila, alongside SiGMA Manila. The Philippines are a great location for business and innovation, and we hope to facilitate lots of opportunities for companies in Europe to explore this up-and-coming marketplace – ultimately we hope to provide an important connection, bridging East and West.

We created Malta Week with the intention of providing more opportunities for the hundreds of investors coming to Malta. The back-to-back summits mean investors can come and take advantage of both events whilst having enough time to see a bit of Malta.

The Medical Cannabiz Summit was created to reflect recent government initiatives that legalized medical cannabis for patients here. The summit hopes to attract policymakers, researchers and medical professionals to network exhibit and engage in discussion. We have a number of quality conferences planned during the summit, with topics spanning everything from legislation to the crossover with other techs, such as blockchain and AI.

We hope to shed light on the huge advantages this industry has to offer, not just in terms of economic potential but for individuals suffering from chronic, painful illnesses.
Eman Pulis


CryptoNewsZ: Any parting words for blockchain enthusiasts attending the summit in November?

We hope to see you in November – keep an eye on our websites for updates, we’ve got lots of exciting announcements coming soon.
Eman Pulis

We at CryptoNewsZ thank you for providing us with your valuable time and information about both the summits and the burgeoning Maltese economy. We wish you tremendous success in all your ventures.

Vishal Parmar

A realist, self-driven and persistent entrepreneur, Vishal Parmar is the CEO of VAP Group and the founder of CryptoNewsZ. At the helm of operations at one of the fastest-growing Blockchain and crypto websites in the world, Vishal found his first technology firm at the age of 19. Born with strong business acumen, he entered the blockchain and crypto space in 2015, when Bitcoin was estimated around $400. Apart from managing his various teams, the multifaceted Vishal likes to travel the world and explore various cuisines. He is available on LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook. He can also be reached on [email protected] for all matters, published content or feedbacks related to CryptoNewsZ.

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